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CMS-XML Get the following error in the browser when opening or submitting an item. "The item could not be found."
Get the following error in the browser when opening or submitting an item . "The item could not be found."
CMS-XML After merge two incidents, the child incident shows error "The item could not be found"
For additional information about permissions needed for this user, see KB S138464 . TIP:
CMS-XML Dim2009R2: Unable to change item type with Update Item privilege
According to the Dimensions Users Guide, any user with the Update Item privilege should be able to change the associated item type of an existing item within Dimensions source control. Attempting to make this change generates an error: Move Item Type: 1386-Error: You do not have the 'Manage Object Types' (PRODUCT_OBJTYPEMAN) privilege to perform this operation.
CMS-XML On Approvals tab in Request Center I can't click any of the items waiting for approval.
On the Approvals tab in Request Center 3.1+ you might not be able to click on any of the items waiting for your approval. This is because the "Title" field is used as the field you can click on. The Approvals tab is simply a listing report and the Title field is used for the item link.
CMS-XML Dim10: Find Item Dialog dropdown for Product does not produce results in Find Now tab except for current project
In the FIND ITEM dialog, on the General tab, if one leaves the Product field blank or selects the current product from the drop down, then uses the Find Now tab, one sees everything in that entire product (not just the My Current Project). However, if one selects a different Product from the drop-down, no results show in the Find Now tab. If one can only find items in the current product, what is the purpose of the Product dropdown?
CMS-XML Using SBM to Agile report mover you get an error "All Items" was not created because: Creating or Mapping Agile Work Items failed.
You will get this error if you try to move an SBM item with the report mover with a Sprint selected on the Right side of the screen as the target in the drop down. The purpose of the report mover tool is to move items into Product Backlogs, Release Backlogs or Backlogs under a Product and not straight into a Sprint. After moving the items to one of these backlogs you would then use Agile to put the items into Sprints.
CMS-XML Changing the order of a list item and clicking save doesn't save the new order. The order reverts back to what it was before the save.
If you run the following query in the PPM database this will show any list items that have been created in the past where the "li_SystemName" contains a comma. If any items show in this list this will cause the list item order to not hold it's new value.
CMS-XML Add/Update new item to a scorecard doesn't show up for existing investments.
After adding a new scorecard criteria item in the Custom Attribute screen or updating an existing criteria name the new value doesn't show up for existing investments. If however you add a new investment the new or edited scorecard item will show up.
CMS-XML Post/Subtask transition does not copy mapped values to the new item
On the transition's Properties screen, on the Post Options tab, you can map fields between the two applications. When the user actions this transition, the system should copy the data values as mapped. In this situation, the fields are mapped, but the data in the fields are not copied to the new application.
CMS-XML Item type was not mapped error when using the SBM Report Mover widget in Agile.
Make sure the item type mappings are done for both sides. For example the following mapping will map a Agile "Story" to an SBM "Enhancement Request"
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