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HTML Serena® Collage® Version 5.1.3 Release Notes
2.7 Database DEF87158: During installation, the administration database connection verification will fail in the Microsoft SQL user has "master" set as the default database. DEF90040: Scheduled backups of Admin databases fail to send email notifications, and the backup may hang after the initial run. DEF90401: When you schedule a backup of the Admin database, you are prompted for the system password, even when the system password is already stored on the Database Servers screen.
PDF Dimensions Build User’s Guide
... configuration-path 23 use of current workset 21 use of pcmsfile 24 containers 43 container directive in pcmsfile 41 object library notation 41 object library notation (example) 42 controlled 17 dependency 17 diagnostic output 19 findstring function 63 global workset: not available as a CSP 21 handling of database connection failure 20 improving efficiency 47 integration with Dimensions Version 20 invoking 19 make client 14 makefile 15
CMS-XML Readme for SBM 10.1 as of 9th February 2012
... o Resolving InitExtension Failed Errors in the ... ... SBM Application Engine database connections . * SBM Configurator : 10. ... ... in the SBM Configurator . ... specified in SBM Configurator are added to ... ... field in SBM Configurator . ... to the SBM Configurator . ... feature in SBM Configurator to capture the ... ... * The SBM Configurator now enables you ... ... page in SBM Configurator . ... * In SBM Configurator , you can ... * SBM Configurator now enables the ... ... name in SBM Configurator . ... success, and failure messages for orchestrations ... ... it succeeded or failed . ... Diagnostics in SBM Configurator SBM Configurator now enables you ...
CMS-XML Configuration Files, Web Interface Templates, JavaScript Files, and String Changes That Have Changed in 2009 R4
... PROJECT"> Failed to delete project ... ... ARCHIVE"> Failed to delete the ... ... RESOURCE"> Failed to delete resource ... ... NOTIFICATIONMESSAGES"> Failed to update email ... ... >Add Url failed </string ... ... your archives has failed . Please ... LDAP bind authentication failure with {0 ... ... LDAP session init failure : {0 ... ... ">Opening database connection using SNAPSHOT when ... ... ">Requery failed using SQL: ... ... .EN} failed for '' ... ... }After several failures , your browser ... ... UP"> Failed to set { ... ... RETRYING"> Failed to set { ...
CMS-XML How to rebuild the Application Repository database
Update SBM Configurator on production to ... Update SBM Configurator on production to ... ... server, open Configurator , and switch ... Update SBM Configurator on staging to ... ... server, open Configurator , and switch ... ... get error " Failed to contact Authentication ... If you give it a different name, you will need to update the database connection information in SBM Configurator too. ... Open Configurator , and click Apply. ... If you get error " Failed to contact Authentication Service at xxxxx with reason: Invalid User ID or Password", see KB S139284 .
CMS-XML Certificate signature failure
If you are using LDAP with SSL, you might get authentication failure message when doing Test Connection from the SBM Configurator . "LDAP bind authentication failure with Search Authority-Bind: 81 Can't contact LDAP server" Please check the event viewer for the detailed message on this error.
CMS-XML Failed to load DBUpgrade.dll
Getting the above error message " Failed to load DBUpgrade.dll" or "The program can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer." when attempt to upgrade database from Configurator .
CMS-XML Import keypairs failed with Password cannot be empty
When importing the zip key pair on "Secure SBM" tab in SBM Configurator , you might get the following error if the configuration file is not complete:
CMS-XML How does the failed login attempt counter work? Are the number of failed logins stored in the database?
In newer versions of SBM there is an option in Configurator that you can set that will disable a users account after X number of failed login attempts. These failed login attempts are stored in memory on the Application Engine server and not in the database. Restart IIS would reset the failed attempt count for all users back to 0.
CMS-XML Trying to test connection in Composer and get Connection attempt failed when "Use Secure Connection" is selected.
Make sure the Port value is the jboss https port as specified in the Configurator tool. By default this is set to 8243
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