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CMS-XML After upgrading to PPM 2009 R1, task plan takes a long time to load and asks if I want to save changes, even if no changes were made
Also, the user will need to go back to this task plan because it will remain checked out to them. To check in the task plan, the user must select the File menu and click Publish. If the user selected No to save the changes the migration still happens and the task plan will just stay checked out to them until they go back and Publish the plan. After the one time migration is done, the users should not be prompted to save changes unless they actually change the task plan.
CMS-XML How to replace the PVCS VM rse.exe (Redirect Standard Error) command with native Command Prompt functionality
to redirect into a file, or using the syntax 2>&1 to redirect stderr to stdout. PVCS Version Manager kept the rse command around long after the native replacement made it obsolete, but the command was finally removed with the 64-bit rewrite of VM 8.6.0.
000002 ** LIST C113133A . 000003 PDS141I AT 00000000 CLASS:MYCOD_31 LENGTH :00000FF0 IN:JEXIT6A . 000004 00000000 00000000 D4E8C3D6 C46DF3F1 40404040 40404040 *MYCOD_31 * .
CMS-XML Dim2009R1: SQLServer: When running the mssql_pre_install.cmd command, SET is unexpected at this time occurs
For example: ( taken from the mssql_pre_install.cmd file)
CMS-XML Fix Log for version 5.7.0
] only transfers the first file CLI- Inconsistent behaviour for cmnxfer -hp if there are multiple files with the same name in the project CLI- Attaching files via cmnproj command takes much longer than via GUI CLI- When doing a multiple approval through the commandline the message returned sayes it's not your turn yet CLI- cmnproj -newrelpath (-nrp) command doesn't work if you want to clear
CMS-XML How can I create a link that will take me straight to the Submit form in a SBM application?
There should be something like a "Copy URL" or "Copy link address' option in the right-click context menu that will copy the URL that should be the direct submit link. Paste it into a new browser window/tab to test it.
CMS-XML Running the RENEW command (helper batch files)
Running the RENEW command (helper batch files)
CMS-XML Documentation on 'line command" on page 96 incorrect
Documentation on 'line command " on page 96 incorrect
CMS-XML DimCM12.2: DJLIST and DJSTAT commands not working
DimCM12.2: DJLIST and DJSTAT commands not working
CMS-XML Installation Guide - RACF commands for adding STC to the started class
Installation Guide - RACF commands for adding STC to the started class
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