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CMS-XML When logged in as peadmin you can edit items in the Archived Items portfolio on PPM 10.2
When logged in as peadmin you can edit items in the Archived Items portfolio on PPM 10.2
PDF Contents
5. The Apple Safari browser is not currently supported 6. Support for IE8, 9 and 10 has been removed as Microsoft has stated the planned date to end support for the browsers is Jan. 12, 2016. See the IE blog for more information: archive /2014/08/07/stay-up-to-date- with-internet-explorer.aspx
CMS-XML Documentation Issue
Page 90 of the ZMF "Version 5.3 Installation Guide" under the " Archive Aged Packages" heading needs the following change made to the "Comments" section: Currently reads:
CMS-XML Get "Invalid procedure call or argument" error in polog.log file using Project Office.
Below if the script you need to run if the top level Portfolio gets set to archived . If this happens and a user tries to login they will receive an error:
CMS-XML Creating Form Extensions in SBM 10.1.5 and Later
Form extensions extend the set of available form actions and widgets in Composer. Form extensions are stored as an archived (zipped) file with an extension of .CFX. A form extension may include custom form action restrictions (selection lists), events, conditions and actions as well as packaged custom widgets and assets.
CMS-XML Doc Issue: 6.1 Admin Guide incorrectly documents component history aging admin parameter
"Note: The days you specify for Aging: Component History should be less than the days you specify for Aging: Installed Package. Component history records for a package cannot be archived or deleted if the package records have been archived or deleted."
CMS-XML DIM: PDIFF Utility should not be used for manipulating Dimensions CM Items
If items must be moved from one Dimensions CM instance to another, consider using the Dimensions CM replicator or the Archive Retrieval Tool (ART).
CMS-XML Autoresolve of load-to-load and object-to-load audit errors
Between CMN ZMF 6.1.0 and, package audit autoresolve was unable to rebuild a composite load to fix applicable audit errors (e.g. SYNCH8!s) if: i) the load had never been built and baselined by a CMN ZMF package OR ii) the last package to baseline the load had subsequently been deleted or archived (package status D/A)
CMS-XML SDA/SRA: Example Process Supporting Files: Deploying a Tomcat App and Web Components
Files attached are zipped archive files for both 5.0.1 exports and 5.1 exports. These contain:
CMS-XML General maintenance for slow deploys or hanging deploys or take longer than usual in the initializing stage.
Over time you may see deploys hanging, not starting or generally taking a long time in the initializing stage. These symptoms may be relieved with some of these steps. Be aware that these steps will clean our your deploy history and deploy acitivy archive so if you rely on this information or need it later you should evaluate how far back and which deploy maps you need to keep information for.
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