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CMS-XML About the Application Repository component and database (How to manually remove the Application Repository component)
This document describes best practice for setting up the Application Repository ( AR ) server components.
CMS-XML How does SBM Composer connect to the Application Repository?
In SBM 10.1 and later, everything in SBM needs to obtain an SSO token to access web services. This also includes SBM Composer. Here are the steps that Composer goes through when connection to the Application Repository ( AR ).
CMS-XML What causes a CMNBATCH User 23 (U0023) abend?
674 AR /GR 0: 000000C0/80000000 1: 00000000/80000017
CMS-XML After turning SSO on in pre-10.x versions, orchestration fails
This can be caused by SSO being enabled on the Application Engine server, but not the Application Repository ( AR ) server. If the AR does not have SSO enabled, in pre-10.x systems, deployment of process will not set the necessary value to the TS_AUTHTYPE
CMS-XML Providing locally installed help for Application Repository, Work Center, and Application Administrator
Application Repository Help: Install Locally To change the help call in Application Repository, perform the following steps: 1. Contact the SBM Doc team and request the ar that matches your version of AR .
CMS-XML CMNSRCPP abends with S378-24 running on z/OS 2.5
044 AR /GR 0: 0000003F/84000000 1: 00000000/84378000
CMS-XML 8.2 Patch 4: Failing to apply changes to SERLCSEC results in S282-64 abend
488 AR /GR 0: 27AC4000/00003420 1: 00000000/04282000
CMS-XML CMN180 report abending with S878 abend (ENH163887)
195 DATA AT PSW 0140EFFE - 00181610 0A0D98DC D0088910 195 AR /GR 0: 008C5E88/84000000 1: 00000001/84878000 195 2: 00000000/00000004 3: 00000000/0C0003B6
HTML Serena Business Manager Security Bulletin
Summary " topic in the SBM Installation and Configuration Guide AR UI: XSS: Environment Name Field is Sensitive to HTML Injections (DEF264825) The Environment name field in Application Repository is no longer vulnerable to XSS attacks.
XML Tasks by Investment - Legacy Baseline.rdl
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