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CMS-XML DimCM14.4: Error when adding or modifying an item library
When attempting to add a new Item Library through AdminConsole, an error of: User authentication failed DMN4510048 E Error : User authentication failed ACL 0004529 E Error : dmsys denied access to host DIMSERVER Error : Dimension Product library for product CM_TYPICAL, object type *, creation failed Within the dmpool log, the following error is shown: NSV0004757 E Invalid user name or password
CMS-XML DimCM: Item Library Access and Credential Sets
1. A set of errors of: PRG4592242E Error: The connection from host <hostname> is not allowed because the service is running in protected mode. ACL 4500013 E Error : Cannot open connection to host <hostname>
CMS-XML Get "Access is Denied" error running any Quality Center Connector web service on 64 bit server.
Under Component Services, expand My Computer, then expand the DCOM Config folder. Find and right-click {C5CBD7B2-490C-45F5-8C40-B8C3D108 E 6D7}, and select Properties. Click the Security tab.
CMS-XML Get "SSO Access Denied" error running SBM to PPM integration with SSO enabled.
Click the "Enable Serena Business Mashups Security Authentication" check box In the Username/Password fields use the same SBM user that you use in the "Auth" sections of your SBM Web Services. The username specified on this screen is only used to login to the SSO server but the actions performed by the web services will still be performed by the username specified in the Orchestration Workflow steps.
CMS-XML Get 403 or Server Error when opening the task plan when require ssl (https) is enabled.
If you have your PPM virtual directory setup to Require SSL on all pages you will get an error opening the Task Plan that says "Server Error". When you open the java console you will see a 403 permission error or access denied and it looks like something is trying to access a non https file.
HTML SQL*Plus Report
/ e 1c2 ... 1 EXECUTE / e 1c31 ... AbstractDateTimeDV EXECUTE / e 1c3 e 12c_ ... de EXECUTE / e 1c42450 ... PathsPath EXECUTE / e 1c4 ... SerProfileToClassErr EXECUTE / e 1c4 ... UnresolvedPermission EXECUTE / e 1c57 e 70_SunJCE ...
CMS-XML Getting ERROR: Access forbidden with Jenkins Plugin step
The reason for this "Access forbidden!" error is described here - Jenkins_4.5.1_1_70 plugin does not support Jenkins server with CSRF Protection enabled. You can disable CSRF Protection in Jenkins server in "Manage Jenkins" - "Configure Global Security" section.
CMS-XML During deploy you get this error: "ERROR -- Failed to deploy event map for orchestration...: Access to this endpoint and/or SOAP action is not allowed"
When you try to deploy an application that has an orchestration in it you get the following error in the deploy log and the deploy fails. Deploying to server "Default Event Manager Server " at 11/16/15 2:58 PM. INFO -- Constructing the ALF Event Map(s)...
CMS-XML Various errors when Tomcat is started while the SBM database is not accessible.
Logging into Application Repository: Internal Server Error (500). Open Composer and try to make a connection to the Application Repository:
CMS-XML Configurator error containing "This access control list is not in canonical form and therefore cannot be modified"
For additional information access articles such as the one posted above.
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