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CMS-XML Dim10: Find Item Dialog dropdown for Product does not produce results in Find Now tab except for current project
In the FIND ITEM dialog, on the General tab, if one leaves the Product field blank or selects the current product from the drop down, then uses the Find Now tab, one sees everything in that entire product (not just the My Current Project). However, if one selects a different Product from the drop-down, no results show in the Find Now tab. If one can only find items in the current product, what is the purpose of the Product dropdown?
CMS-XML "Import Now" button is grayed out when trying to import LDAP users
The system must be able to find the users that need to be entered and know how to create them. This information is setup in the SBM System Administrator under Tools > LDAP Setup, on the User Import tab.
CMS-XML How to add columns to the quick search results
By default, when you search for items , it will return a list of items that includes the item ID and the Title. You may want to customize the results to display additional fields and information.
CMS-XML Submit date in Work Center search results shows as UTC date instead of local date.
If you do a search in Work Center the submit date will show as part of the search results. If the submit date that displays shows in UTC time but when you actually open the item the submit date field shows the correct local time see the following workaround.
CMS-XML SBM: How does "Restrict by Role" work with the "Transition All Items" privilege?
When using the "Restrict by Role" feature and also the "Transition All Items" privilege, you may be giving users more privileges than intended. This document will explain how privileges are determined and how this impacts privileges when these two features are used together.
CMS-XML After merge two incidents, the child incident shows error "The item could not be found"
We're sorry, but the last operation caused an error. The last operation resulted in an error, but the following unrecognized error code was received: The item could not be found.
CMS-XML Get the following error in the browser when opening or submitting an item. "The item could not be found."
We're sorry, but the last operation caused an error. The last operation resulted in an error, but the following unrecognized error code was received: The item could not be found.
CMS-XML SBM: Export to Excel only exports 1000 items, even if the report returns more
You can increase the 1000 item limitation by: Log into the System Administrator . Navigate to Options > Settings > Display tab.
CMS-XML How to create a report that when run will show all records and override the users settings for displaying a default number of items.
One example of a time you might want to override this setting is if you are using the Embedded Report Widget on a form and you want all the items returned by the report to show in the widget by default. Sometimes in the Embedded Report Widget it might not be as obvious that there are multiple pages of results to look at. The following article will describe how to show all the items the report returns regardless of what the users profile is set to.
CMS-XML Passing parameters (such as current user or current item) to embedded reports which use Query At Runtime
There are a set of parameters that represent "current" variables that display when entering { (in the query tab of an embedded report) that begin with an underscore such as _RecordID and _UserID that will likely function better for most queries than attempting to point to a field that holds this data. Setting the report definition to show search filter in results will allow you to view what the parameters pass to the query, which will assist in constructing the combination of filter and query parameters for the desired results . Some parameters include:
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