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CMS-XML Notifications stop working due to UUU (Unicode Upgrade Utility) accidentally being performed on 6.6.x database.
This leaves all text and varchar fields in the 6.6.x database as ntext and nvarchar. The database may still work correctly, however the notification server will be unable to read the e-mail addresses in the TS_NOTIFICATIONMESSAGES table, and fail to send messages. No errors will be logged in the ttmail.log,
CMS-XML TT661: Reported Defect DEF115535: Multi-select Field Values Display are Bunched Together in Notifications
TT661: Reported Defect DEF115535: Multi-select Field Values Display are Bunched Together in Notifications
CMS-XML Creating Delayed Notifications
field rather than on a specific change in an item. These notifications can serve as reminders for users to act on items.
CMS-XML TT65: Notification rule for date field not gives error: "A Value is missing"
Notification rules, Date/Time field , cannot use comparison with the keywords 'Is Equal To' or 'Is Greater Than' or 'Is Less Than' and a predefined value e.g. (now,....) or a value (e.g.120:00:00), when clicking on Insert, the following error appears:
CMS-XML Notification Rule Edit window tab order not logical
The tab order on the dropdown lists in the Conditions frame is wrong. Specifically, the Value field is out of order.
CMS-XML TT: From: address in notifications does not populate
If the System field "Last Modifier" has been deleted (that is it's now currently in the Deleted Fields section of the Workflow's Default Field List), the "From:" on the email will not populate correctly.
CMS-XML Sub-relational options wrong in notification rule
For example, Issues may have a relational field to Incidents and a sub-relational field to the Incidents Table's State system field . In the notification rule, the selections available for the sub-relational field will show the states for the Issues workflow, not the states for the Incidents workflow.
CMS-XML Notification server taking a long time to process a cycle
Meanwhile please try to construct the rules without using multi-group fields .
CMS-XML How do I create an Escalation Notification in TeamTrack?
So if you select the group Testers, then that is the list of folks that can possibly receive the email. The one who will actually receive it is the person who is populated in the Tester field in the web browser. Basically, the Tester = Current User rule says "this is who is going to be notified."
CMS-XML Scripts sending notifications will include exclamation point
I believe it is at 256 characters. I have checked the actual contents field in the notification_messages table after the script adds the record and these characters don't exist. The first time I see them is when the email comes into my mail box.
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