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CMS-XML Updating users profile settings from ttadmin and TeamTrack UI
Updating users profile settings from ttadmin and TeamTrack UI
CMS-XML TT Admin through Remote Connection and NT Challenge Response
What is required to be able to use TTAdmin through a remote connection if NT Challenge Response is the TT authentication method?
CMS-XML What are the Task Manager Process names for Teamtrack running on Windows?
Processes Names - TeamTrack function ttadmin .exe - Process name for the TeamTrack Administrator tool tsbrokersvc.exe - Process name for the TeamTrack Broker Service
CMS-XML LDAP Troubleshooting steps when you receive the Bind Authentication Error Message
Change the port in LDAP Setup & Tools to the Global Catalog Port: 3268 Create a new Admin account in LDAP (for testing purposes, call it TTAdmin ). Add that account to the Domain Admin and Enterprise Admin groups
CMS-XML Advanced Search, Memory Leak when including State Field
Steps: Open TTAdmin . Open the Tables Tab.
CMS-XML TeamTrack 6.5: Runtime Error when exporting workflow to XML
Runtime Error! Program: C:\Program Files\Serena\TeamTrack\bin\ ttadmin .exe abnormal program termination
CMS-XML W2003 SP1 - SQL Server 2000 - ODBC Administrator does not open (and Notification Server does not start)
This problem is because of a Microsoft bug with regards to ODBC Connection Pooling in SQL Server 2000 and W2003 SP1. Serena has raised the Bug with Microsoft (Bug ID: FDBK49605) which is fixed in W2003 SP1. Error received in Administrator: Unhandled Win32 Exception in ttadmin .exe
CMS-XML Date-only fields in reports could leave out records
If a date-only field has a hidden time component (maybe it used to be a date-time field) and a report is created e.g. with Date <= 1/5/2006, any value that occurred on 1/5/06 but had a time attached will put it beyond the limit, when it should be included in the report results. Values in a date-only field can have a time component if the field was previously a datetime field and the TTAdmin changed the field attribute.

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