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CMS-XML Email submission and Microsoft Exchange : unknown user name or bad password
In order to access a MS Exchange Mailbox using POP3 protocol you need to specify the mailbox as: (DOMAINNAME)\(DOMAINACCOUNTNAMEMAILBOXOWNER)\(MAILBOXNAME) Supply the DomainAccount password for the mailbox owner.
• Set up a POP3 mailbox • Prepare your workflow and projects by creating a transition that defines the Email state as the “From State” • Prepare user accounts by granting “submit” privileges into the project used by E-mail Submission. You must also ensure valid e-mail addresses are provided in TeamTrack for users who will submit items via e-mail.
CMS-XML Browser Interface Release Notes - TeamTrack 6.1
50. If the E-mail Recorder is enabled for your system, the name of the POP3 mailbox designated for the E-mail Recorder is now automatically added to the To line when users reply to e-mail notifications via their external e-mail client. This feature is not available for the E-mail Recorder if the Notification Server is using a MAPI mail server.
CMS-XML Unable to Delete Items from Favorites InBox overflow
Unable to Delete Items from Favorites InBox overflow
CMS-XML ODBC password displaying in mail log
ODBC password displaying in mail log
CMS-XML Multiple Items Submitted by E-mail Client - Possible Cause
If you are viewing a mailbox used by the TeamTrack Mail Client from an e-mail client, such as Outlook Express, TeamTrack may be unable to delete incoming messages after they are processed. This may cause duplicate items to be submitted to TeamTrack.
CMS-XML TT Mail Client: Emails with email attachments (.eml) are shown encoded, mail body dropped
Reproduce: - set up mailbox 1 in TT mail client for Submit via Email - set up mailbox 2 in TT mail client for attchement of notes
CMS-XML Helpful tips for configuring the Mail Client
We do not support setting up the Mail Server to work with TeamTrack due to the diverse software offerings in this area. However, we can provide you with a few tips and lessons learned by customers as they set up TeamTrack to read e-mail from a mailbox . These tips have not been verified by TeamShare, but are simply a grouping of ideas provided by other customers.
CMS-XML XML email submit failing
To work around this bug, please add an additional mail server under E-mails -> Mail Servers in Application Administrator that has the "Include HTML formatted e-mail messages" setting disabled and use that mail server for any mailboxes that use plain text emails such as ones used for XML email submit.
CMS-XML E-mail Recorder Deletes Messages If ttid Not Included in Messages
When using the E-mail Recorder, the subject line of the new message dialog contains the database table and record IDs for the item from which the e-mail message is sent in the following format: [ttid: table ID, record ID]. If this database identifier is removed from the subject line, the e-mail message is sent but is not attached to the TeamTrack item. The message is sent and deleted from the mailbox used by the Mail Client if it cannot identify the ttid in the subject line.
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