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CMS-XML Password changes violating server rules do not give errors
Password changes violating server rules do not give errors
CMS-XML Browser template changes do not show up after bouncing web server
Browser template changes do not show up after bouncing web server
CMS-XML Notifications repeat every 5 minutes until Notification Server is reset
Notifications will send out repeatedly every time the notification server cycles (usually every 5 minutes) if the TS_NOTIFICATIONEVENTS and TS_NOTIFICATIONMESSAGES tables are set to cache into memory. Restarting the Notificaion Server will stop the messages, but as soon as more notifications are generated, the new messages will repeat.
CMS-XML Icons not available when using UNIX server
Build Number(s): 58010 When you create a table with the TeamTrack administrator or even making changes to other tables, select the advanced tab, then browse for the icons
CMS-XML Error when accessing the Notification Server from Terminal Services
Change the TeamTrack Broker Service to log on as an Administrator of the system, instead of using the System Account.
CMS-XML Unable to remove "Include Change User Info" setting in SourceBridge
Unchecking the setting, saving the configuration and then redisplaying it shows the setting enabled again. No amount of changing server defaults or Admin overrides has any effect.
CMS-XML SLA Engine Service Appears in Configurator on Notification Server Machine in Distributed Installation with SSM 5.2.1 and SSM 5.2.2
In SBM 11.2, the SLA Engine was added directly to the SBM platform and installed on the same server that hosts the SBM Notification Service. The SBM SLA Engine service was also added to the Manage Services tab in Configurator as part of this change .
CMS-XML Notification Server Cycles and Troubleshooting (TeamTrack through SBM 2009 R4)
In SBM 10.1, the notification process was re-designed. This document only applies to the notification process prior to this change . For information and troubleshooting help for the SBM 10.1 and above notification process, see KB S133064 .
CMS-XML TT server continues processing even if user closed the browser
Fixed in The change will introduce exception handling such that on the first write to client error an exception will be thrown in order to halt processing as soon as possible.
CMS-XML Troubleshooting IIS 500 Internal Server Error when accessing Business Mashups
For example, one reason for the 500 error is when a 64 bit OS is being used for the TeamTrack/Business Mashups install. After making the change in IE, the error that will display is "%1 is not a valid Win32 application," which is more helpful to know the source of the error.
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