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CMS-XML Serena Business Mashups 2008 Release 1 Patch 3 (
4.3 Serena Mashup Composer – General Correcting a mashup publication failure by changing the default name of a table (Objects) modifies any mashup tool using that table to specify the new table name. Mashup Composer provides more information to help you correct any problems with publishing a mashup.
CMS-XML TeamTrack 6.6.1 - Software Release Notes
4. The Web services API now returns and accepts itemID values instead of titles for Relational fields. 5. The ttctl teamtrack stop and ttctl teamtrack start commands now stop and start both the Web server and the TeamTrack Web services for systems running on Solaris or Linux servers. 6. Changes have been made to ensure that the TeamTrack browser will correctly display time and date stamps according to the changes in Daylight Savings Time that will occur in the United States in 2007.
CMS-XML TeamScript Release Notes for TeamTrack 6.3
3. When populating Text/Memo fields using TeamScript, TeamTrack now honors the character limit of the database. 4.When calling ReadWithWhere(WhereClause), if you use the optional [orderByClause] parameter, the script no longer hangs . Known Problems in TeamTrack 6.3
CMS-XML TeamScript Release Notes for TeamTrack 6.2
5. When calling ReadWithWhere(WhereClause), if you use the optional [orderByClause] parameter, the script will hang .
CMS-XML TeamTrack 6.5 - Administrator Release Notes
3. TeamTrack now offers a Deployment Tool that enables you to test administrative changes on a separate test system and then automatically move the changes into your live production environment. The tool provides a locking mechanism so that administrative settings (except for the addition and modification of users) are frozen from the time your production database is copied to a test environment (or "sandbox"), through the process of modifying and testing administrative settings in the sandbox, to the time the final schema changes are deployed back to your production database.
CMS-XML Administrator Release Notes - TeamTrack 6.3
6. Solution and enabler licenses are now named licenses that you must add to the Serena License Manager for each TeamTrack database you use. If the “Auto-add” feature is disabled in the Serena License Manager, you must manually add the TeamTrack database identifier before starting your Web server. For best results, stop and start your TeamTrack Web server each time you add a solution or enabler license.
CMS-XML TeamTrack 6.5 - Browser Release Notes
All items included in the mass update are listed as successfully updated or as failed. Failures include a message as to why the item failed to update. Links to individual primary items are included on the results page so users can update items individually if needed.
CMS-XML DST issue for Australia and New Zealand
In 2008, some Australian States (NSW, SA, TAS, VIC) adopted an earlier start to Daylight Savings Time (DST) than in previous years. In April, DST finishes one week later than in previous years, and in October, DST starts 3 weeks earlier than previous years. The new rules are not included in Serena’s existing TeamTrack and Business Mashups releases , so for the periods between the new and former start and stop dates, times will appear an hour off to users.
CMS-XML TeamTrack 66018 Patch
11. Transitions no longer hang when Multi-Selection, Multi-User, ... Web server to stop running. ... Issue found in Release : 6.6.0
CMS-XML TeamTrack 65030 Patch
5. Invalid " hung thread" error messages are no longer recorded ... Issue found in Release : 6.5.0
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