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CMS-XML Modifying a Trend Report and saving it as new in Favorites, may show that a report is already running at execution.
When you modify an existing Trend Report, save it as new into Favorites, may show the below error at execution .
CMS-XML SiteMinder causes the Sourcebridge link between Version Manager and Team Track to fail
With SiteMinder enabled the labels are not written to the Version Manager Archive and the change history in the Team Track record does not reflect the association. A possible work around is to use another authentication source like LDAP if local corporate policy allows that.
CMS-XML If a user is interfacing via API, and the request fails due to RedoMessage, the user only sees generic error message
According to TeamScript Reference Guide page 38 on Shell Properties, RedoMessages cause a form to fail and Script defined error messages are displayed to GUI users and written to Windows Event log. If a user is interfacing via API, and the request fails due to RedoMessage, the user only sees something like: <ErrorDescription>
CMS-XML Exporting a NON-LISTING type report to Excel fails overs HTTPS
Clicking on the Excel link in Teamtrack after running a report works fine while you are connected via HTTP, but once the connection becomes secured through HTTPS, the export fails. The browser get to the Open / Save dialog, but afterwards fails telling you that it can't open the page.
CMS-XML Exporting a report to Excel fails over HTTPS connection
This is a security setting in Internet Explorer. In IE open your Internet Options, go to the Advanced tab and scroll down to the Security section. Check the box "Do not save encrypted pages to disk
CMS-XML TT 66 - Web Services "The server committed an HTTP protocol violation"
Firstly check to see if gsoap is completely broken by using the following URL: You should get a message that says "You must use a POST request...." Which means its working.
CMS-XML Getting error when editing report changing operator and saving under new name
Save under a different title Error as follows: GetReport() tried to call ParseAndSetConditions(), which failed .
CMS-XML Download of large attachments causes failures
On normal installs 2GB of addressable memory space is allocated for the process, in this case IIS, and 2GB is allocated for the system kernel. Flipping this bit will allow IIS to consume 3GB of addressable memory only saving 1GB for the system kernel. So to make this happen you will find the boot.ini
CMS-XML Web-Services: UpdateItem method is not handling exceptions properly
They return only a generic error message saying: "Unable to complete transition of item.". The strange thing is that when the UpdateItem method fails (by not satisfying conditions set by the script) nothing is written to the Event Logs and no inner-exception is thrown either. If the conditions set by the Teamscript script are satisfied the transition is executed successfully from the customer's in-house application as well as from the TT GUI.
MS-WORD Notification Server Processing in TeamTrack and SBM prior to 10.1.docx
For example, if a “Run Script” event has a Retry Every 3 Cycles setting and a Quit After 5 Attempts setting and its script returns a failure message, the event is saved . On the following two cycles, the event is ignored but still saved, and on the third cycle it is reprocessed, running the script again. If the script does not return a failure message, the event is deleted.
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