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CMS-XML Edits to a workflow loses the ability to submit into the 2nd submit transition - no button on form
Now, in 6.5 when you disable a submit transition in the workflow the 2nd submission transition has "no button on form" checked and it is grayed out. In 6.2 "no button on form" is checked but we are able to uncheck it.
CMS-XML Submit does not work; Workflow has multiple Submit transitions
Because the workflow has multiple Submit transitions, un-checking the "No Button on Form" option on the Submit disables this field (and automatically checks it) for all remaining Submits , as there can be only one Submit transition that is user-visible (meaning it has No Button on Form un-checked). C
CMS-XML XML email submit failing
To work around this bug, please add an additional mail server under E-mails -> Mail Servers in Application Administrator that has the "Include HTML formatted e-mail messages" setting disabled and use that mail server for any mailboxes that use plain text emails such as ones used for XML email submit .
CMS-XML Error message "A valid value to complete this transition" on transition is displayed in English when locale is Japanese.
"A valid value to complete this transition." is displayed in English although locale is Japanese. This issue does not occur in quick form and it doesn't occur when the form's "Validate required fields before form submit " is disabled . Steps to reproduce the problem
CMS-XML Fixed in TeamTrack 6.6
52. The Notification log message "Couldn't find Newest Change Date" is no longer incorrectly recorded when notification rules contain multiple conditions. 53. The No Button on Form check box is no longer incorrectly disabled when you edit a hidden submit transition in the workflow in which it was created, and then change its status to disabled . 54. When you use IMAP server protocol with the Mail Client, log file error messages correctly indicate that you are using IMAP and not POP3.
CMS-XML TeamTrack 65030 Patch
8. Items are now properly submitted to a TeamTrack database ... submitted if they include a Text/Memo field that contains ... a project to submit items into. ... When users submit TeamTrack items by e-mail, the body of the ... submissions . ... TeamTrack items submitted by e-mail. ... all e-mail submissions . ... number of transitions that are enabled or disabled by item ... replaced by the words " Enter value to find here." ... Submit forms that are saved as favorites using the Add Link ... Reports page when users have disabled the Folders View user
README: Serena TeamTrack 6.2 ... E-mail submission is now working ... ... to re- enter your database password ... ... requires that you enter replacement license codes ... Inherited Submit Transitions in Graphical ... Submit transitions inherited in ... ... with anonymous access disabled . ... no longer allow disabled values to be ... ... table, the Submit form for the ... In TeamTrack, the Folders view and Submit tree are java applets and require a functioning java virtual machine to run properly. ... Folder/ Submit panes fail to load. ... Folder/ Submit trees functions erratically. ... This makes the folder/ submit panes use HTML rather than Java Applets.
CMS-XML Fixed in TeamTrack 6.3
... e-mail submission , submissions should no longer ... ... Require New Note Entry " options are ... 20. The field selection list on the Query-at-Runtime form for reports is correctly filtered and disabled selections are available. ... 23. If you disable auto spell check on the Database tab of the Settings dialog, and some users have the Auto Spell Check option selected in their user profile, auto spell check is now disabled for those users.
CMS-XML Known Problems - TeamTrack 6.2
... e-mail submission feature to submit items into TeamTrack ... ... items that are submitted to TeamTrack using e-mail submission are stored on ... ... e-mail submission , submissions may fail if ... ... Require New Note Entry " options are ... 38. The field selection list on the Query-at-Runtime form for reports is incorrectly filtered and disabled selections are not available.
CMS-XML TeamTrack 6.5 - Known Problems
... . The anonymous submit feature is not ... anonymous users to submit items if you ... ... when external users submit items. ... be able to submit items without error ... ... e-mail submission feature to submit items into TeamTrack ... ... may import as disabled . ... correctly on newly submitted items if users ... ... . The Anonymous Submit feature does not ... ... then selecting the Submit Into button. ... that use alternate submit transitions are not ... ... use the default submit transition in the ... ... specify the alternate submit transitions for the ... ... Require New Note Entry " is set ... ... are enabled or disabled by item type ...
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