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CMS-XML Tracker to TeamTrack - Queries by keword search do not appear in the import set
The Import Data Wizard cannot handle certain Tracker queries, so those queries do not appear in the selection list. Specifically, the Import Data Wizard filters out Tracker queries that include a Keyword Search or a Module Search.
CMS-XML TT661: Reported DEF123637: Superfluous change events created after Tracker import
When you are importing from TeamTrack, if you have run an import option set to bring over data and the change history, if you remove the change history option on subsequent imports (eg, to bring over attachments or notes), inaccurate change history will be recorded. Usually, this will manifest as an "Update from (None)" event, which will have all the single-select fields listed with the same Prior and New values.
CMS-XML After repeated import from Tracker into TeamTrack every record has same item id and attachments are not imported
Those imported records are deleted . A new import set is created to reimport the same items into TT . The records are imported, but now all share the same TT item ID
CMS-XML Tracker to TeamTrack import issue with change history
This happens when a selection field in Tracker is mapped to a selection field in TeamTrack and the option "Attempt to match text title values during import, creating new values when necessary" is enabled for the field in the import option set. If no Tracker item has a field set to a particular value, then that value will not be added to TS_SELECTIONS during the first part of the import.
CMS-XML TeamTrack 6.6 - Tracker-to-TeamTrack Migration Release Notes
3. When you use the wizard to create or augment TeamTrack solutions based on Tracker projects, you can now convert Tracker Choice fields to TeamTrack Multi-Selection fields. 4. Default values for most Choice, User, Date, and Number fields are imported and set by the Solution Wizard when fields are added to TeamTrack. Import Data Wizard Enhancements:
CMS-XML TT661: Reported DEF123636: Tracker Change History of Notes/Attachments
If you are looking to eventually run imports to bring over the notes/attachments, this will cause no problem. On subsequent import option sets , keep Import Change History checked, add the checks to the options to import notes and/or attachments, and the notes/attachments will be added without issue and without duplication of change history. Do not remove the check to import change history on subsequent imports once history has been brought over.
CMS-XML Tips on Field Mappings for Tracker to TeamTrack Migrations
If you plan carefully, after running the import you can set the next number in the TeamTrack project to be one more than the highest number you imported. In this example, right after import, you could edit the TeamTrack project and tell it to use number 1051 next. In this example, the next ID to use is obvious, but in a real-world migration the proper next number can be hard to determine.
CMS-XML SourceBridge is associating iitems in an unintended way
When they check them in they get prompted automatically to transition them, which is what they wants to happen as well. The problem is that after these transitions are executed the associations of Teamtrack items with Version Manager versioned files are reshuffled in an unintended way,i.e. they do not reflect the associations as set by the user in the SourceBridge - Check In dialog. This is what this roughly looks like :
CMS-XML Limiting the number of Concurrent Licenses for Groups of Users
then an upper limit of 5 VersionManager licenses will be set for the 10 users assigned to the OffshoreTeam group. Be sure to specify the login IDs in upper case.
CMS-XML SQL Server ODBC Driver Configuration.
If you notice that over the course of a few days or weeks, the TeamTrack system becomes sluggish, returns partial page responses, or sends semi-random database errors or consistent errors regarding tempdb back to Web clients , it may be due to an undesired setting in the ODBC driver definition. When TeamTrack 3.0 creates an ODBC data source for use by TeamTrack, it creates it properly. However, creating it manually can cause the "Generate Stored Procedure for Prepared Statement" option to be turned on.
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