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CMS-XML TT661: Reported Defect DEF115127: TeamTrack incorrectly parses some tags of HTML formatted e-mails
TT661: Reported Defect DEF115127: TeamTrack incorrectly parses some tags of HTML formatted e -mails
CMS-XML Error - DNS error or server not found
When user tries to connect to a Teamtrack URL which is running on a Teamtrack's own (i. e . not a third party one such as IIS) web server the following error message may appear : We can't find <teamtrack URL> Error - DNS error or server not found
CMS-XML Failed to Import Mashup error
When using Mashup Composer and trying to check an item into the repository the user may receive: Failed to import mashup: Could not find file 'C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\ApplicationData\Serena\Studio\Repository\Local\Serena.Studio.Framework.ObjectModel.ModelApplication\f5b1ac1a- e 42f-46b0-96fd-6506b52abee5\0.S'
CMS-XML Incorrect State Change History after the migration into Teamtrack- State None added
If a Tracker SCR is updated prior to import into Teamtrack, in such away that only the Owner field value is changed, the imported Item shows the correct value of the State in the respective field section (i. e . body of the TT item) but in the graphical depiction of the state change history there is an additional state added with the name None. The Change History entries are all fine.
CMS-XML Getting error messages in app log for TrackerInet and TeamTrack licenses
Since 66023 you get errors in your application log (event viewer) when using Professional License (i. e . no Tracker or Teamtrack licenses available). You get logged in correctly and a professional license is checked out but errors in the app log. Error occurred in file:
CMS-XML Error from WebServices call - RPC not handled correctly
Error when calling webservices e .g.This is an example when using wsdl.exe to call the webservice wsdl -t 30 -U P01002806:secret Z_TT_SIMPLE_NK_SD.xml
CMS-XML TT65: Notification rule for date field not gives error: "A Value is missing"
Notification rules, Date/Time field, cannot use comparison with the keywords 'Is Equal To' or 'Is Greater Than' or 'Is Less Than' and a predefined value e .g. (now,....) or a value ( e .g.120:00:00), when clicking on Insert, the following error appears:
CMS-XML Mail Client "data truncated error processing" message
State:01004,Native:0,Origin:[Oracle][ODBC]String data, right truncated. This error can occur if the message in the "new e -mail" attachment is bundled with several levels of email attachments itself.
CMS-XML Advanced Search on Notes/Attachments Returns Error
When using an Oracle database, running an advanced search on the Notes/Attachments table will result in an Oracle error, regardless of what text is being searched on. The error will show question marks in places the search terms should be ( e .g., WHERE ((LOWER(TS_ATTACHMENTS.TS_TITLE) like LOWER(?)).
CMS-XML 66018 and above - Date Only Fields compared against Date keywords incorrect if not GMT
e .g. In the escalation solution if compare "Next Step Target" <= startoftoday and you are in timezone gmt+1 this will not be satisfied until the day after it should have been satisfied. It seems to be comparing if 1am <= Midnight.
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