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Testing an Oracle ODBC datasource through the TeamTrack Administration (File->Connect, and then click the ODBC button, select System DSN, select the name , click configure, click test) returns the error: ... [Microsoft][ ODBC Driver Manager ] Only SQL_DRIVER_NOPROMPT is allowed when
CMS-XML How To Copy Your Database via ODBC.
... your database via ODBC . ... involve knowing the name of the database server, the name of the database ... ... your database via ODBC . ... click on the ODBC button, this will launch the ODBC Administrator. ... add a new datasource . ... select the appropriate driver for your backend ... ... the Microsoft Access driver ... the SQL server driver If you are going to connect to Oracle, you will need to use the Microsoft ODBC driver for Oracle. After you have chosen the appropriate driver , you will need to follow the connection wizard instructions to create a data source .
README: Serena TeamTrack 6.1 ... Quick Search feature no longer returns incorrect results ... ... into a database no longer creates duplicate projects ... You no longer need to specify ... If you do not specify the transition ... , then the default submit transition is ... ... for your system's Named and Concurrent user ... ... privilege settings, do not edit existing user ... ... SQL Server Enterprise Manager . ... ) is the default browser character set ... ... to specify a default character set other ... ... these options by default during the upgrade ... ... , you can no longer change any settings ... ... 51, the default location of the ... ... replace your system's Named and Concurrent user ...
CMS-XML Fixed in TeamTrack 6.6
... Windows servers, named license are now ... ... now set by default for new user ... ... Submit" users no longer receive password errors ... ... alphabetically by favorite name . ... is connected via ODBC . ... Runtime reports is no longer limited to projects ... ... browser interface can no longer do so until ... ... the report is no longer added to every ... ... 20. Users no longer receive an error ... , but users do not have the eWebEditPro ... ... complete feature is no longer available for search ... ... the Deployment Tool does not transfer notifications from ... ... the test database are not transferred to the ...
CMS-XML Administrator Release Notes - TeamTrack 6.3
... usage information is no longer displayed on the ... ... - TeamTrack Incident Manager solution ... licenses are now named licenses that you ... ... Administration licenses are no longer applicable. ... adminstrators now consume named or concurrent User ... ... usage information is no longer provided in this ... ... usage, but no longer records license availability ... ... feature that enabled named license users to ... Named license users who ... licenses after their named licenses are consumed ... ... now applies to named and concurrent users ... If you do not specify a license ... ... , you are no longer limited by the ... ... 9i is no longer supported.
CMS-XML The data source 'DSN=xy Oracle;UID=xz' could not be verified
names are specified in the ODBC data source . The Oracle database was on a network server, i.e. not local to the TT server.
CMS-XML Killer Import Error: ORA-01426: numeric overflow
Use Oracle Native ODBC driver instead of the Tracker native ODBC driver for connecting the Tracker Admin to the Tracker database server. Remove the existing TRK_Oracle_Wire_TK7_Sys data source and then create a new one using the Oracle native ODBC driver . Make sure that both the ' Data Source Name ' and 'Description' are TRK_Oracle_Wire_Unique_Id.
CMS-XML SQL Server ODBC Driver Configuration.
If you notice that over the course of a few days or weeks, the TeamTrack system becomes sluggish, returns partial page responses, or sends semi-random database errors or consistent errors regarding tempdb back to Web clients, it may be due to an undesired setting in the ODBC driver definition. When TeamTrack 3.0 creates an ODBC data source for use by TeamTrack, it creates it properly. However, creating it manually can cause the "Generate Stored Procedure for Prepared Statement" option to be turned on.
CMS-XML Creating an Oracle system DSN on 10.2.x and getting an error - sqlstate=im004
When creating an Oracle system DSN for TT if you receive the following error "im004 microsoft odbc driver manager driver's sqlallochandle on
CMS-XML Creating a Sample SQL Server 6.5 Database
-Click on Create Microsoft SQL Server Data Source. - Name the ODBC Data Source Name . -Hit the down arrow button under ODBC Driver.
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