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CMS-XML TeamTrack 6.5 - Browser Release Notes
- On the Launch page and in the Folders View, favorites are now sorted alphabetically by favorite name. When viewing the contents of a favorites folder in the main browser window, primary items in folders are sorted by Primary table and project , then listed by Item ID. Auxiliary items in folders are sorted by table and listed alphabetically by title. Reports and URLs in folders are listed alphabetically by title.
CMS-XML Browser Interface Release Notes - TeamTrack 6.1
33. The "Suppress Sort by Project " option on Listing, Mass Transition, and State Change reports has been relabeled and changed to Sort by Project Hierarchy. By default, this check box is selected when creating these report types.
CMS-XML TeamTrack 6.5 - Known Problems
9. Reports are not saved to the folder specified on the Save Reports page when users have disabled the Folders View user preference. 10. Comparisons cannot be added to or modified for notification rules that contain Date/Time field conditions. 11. Fields on the Advanced Search form are sorted by their order in the base workflow instead of the first project in the project hierarchy.
PDF ProjectBridge Integration Manual
One thing to remember is that you don’t need to show a field on a report in order to sort by that field. As you can see in the figure, we sort by the MS Project index, but we don’t show that index on the report itself. Instead, we show the Outline Number.
CMS-XML Administrator Release Notes - TeamTrack 6.2
... now available for Primary tables. ... for tables/ projects for which they ... ... Search page for Primary and Auxiliary tables ... ... . When a project and its associated primary items are deleted ... associated with the project (field properties ... associated with the project are now deleted ... ... database after the project these items originated ... ... the "Nonexistent Projects " option on ... ... items in the Primary table that are ... associated with a project are deleted. ... been relabeled to Primary Table. ... , Calculations to Perform , Sorting , and Search ... ... for a specific primary or auxiliary item ...
CMS-XML Fixed in TeamTrack 661
... in the first project listed in the Report Project list on the ... guest-level project . ... based on Tracker projects . ... item links to primary or auxiliary items ... ... error when they sort columns after they ... ... database in which primary items were archived and the Primary table for those ... ... at the Base Project level. ... to the Base Project . ... improved when users perform a mass update ... items from multiple projects , and then ... ... actions that post primary items to an ... into the originating project . ... then try to sort columns in the ... ... . When a Primary or Auxiliary table ...
CMS-XML Fixed in TeamTrack 6.6
... foldes are now sorted alphabetically by favorite ... ... The list of projects available when the Project field is used ... longer limited to projects users can submit ... ... added to every project in the corresponding ... ... TeamTrack database, project options on the ... ... numbering setting for projects now applies to ... ... problem with incorrect sorting of items on ... ... unlimited number of projects to search. ... the table's first project in the project hierarchy. ... Attachments section for primary and auxiliary items ... ... " or " Project Changes." ... , users should always exit TeamTrack by ... ... they select a project to submit items ...
CMS-XML Fixed in TeamTrack 6.1
... attached to the primary or auxiliary item ... ... Tool to manage primary items in the ... interface, the Projects list in the ... now retains selected projects when the Results ... ... at the Base Project Level no longer ... ... workflow from the Projects or Workflows tab ... ... field order for projects now displays fields ... ... in the Field Sort Order list for ... ... Summary reports now sort by the fields ... Sorting is only done ... , and selections sort by the order ... ... fields can be sorted in reports that allow sorting as long as ... 41. Field overrides set for transitions at the workflow level are now inheriting properly for transitions at the project level.
CMS-XML TeamTrack version build 66137
4. Performing an Advanced Search on the Notes/Attachments table ... 2. The TeamTrack Owner field is now properly set when performing ... 3. An issue in Version caused an error when sorting by ... 6. Memory leaks have been fixed for preferred projects and
CMS-XML TeamTrack version build 66135 patch
2. The TeamTrack Owner field is now properly set when performing ... 3. An issue in Version caused an error when sorting by ... 6. Memory leaks have been fixed for preferred projects and
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