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CMS-XML ERROR: ACL errors when logging into user interface
These errors can be generated when TeamTrack is installed on a network drive and not locally. Since the web server is using a local account (IUSR_machinename) to access the program files, TeamTrack needs to be installed locally.
CMS-XML Windows 2000 Minimum ACL Permissions/User Rights for TeamTrack 6.x with IIS
... comprehensive list of ACL and Windows file ... for the Anonymous Access account used in ... ... to evaluate what access your IUSR account ... ... and grant all ACL's and user rights ... ... Before granting any ACLs , this group ... - Access this computer from ... ... , modify the ACLs (permissions) ... ... This allows the web server to access the TNSNAMES. ... ... share on the web server . ... used for anonymous access in not also ... This means that some error message will be logged while others may not be. Hence make sure that the account used for anonymous access is not a member of the default Guests group as well.
CMS-XML Error when accessing the Notification Server from Terminal Services
Error when accessing the Notification Server from Terminal Services
CMS-XML Troubleshooting IIS 500 Internal Server Error when accessing Business Mashups
Turn off the "friendly HTTP errors " in Internet Explorer, as it can hide a more meaningful error message from displaying. To do this, open IE, then open the Options dialog. On the Advanced tab, deselect Show friendly HTTP error messages.
CMS-XML Error "InitExtension Failed" when accessing SBM (TeamTrack or Business Mashups)
file (a configuration file which holds many required settings for the system to start up correctly) has been corrupted. This corruption often is due to a daemon on the server being started under the wrong account ( e .g., starting the notification server under the root user). When this has happened, there will only be a handful of lines in the Registry file (there should be around 300 lines to the file; a corrupted file may just have 10).
CMS-XML When accessing SBM or TeamTrack, get error "Error: 'Index' is Null or Not an object"
When accessing SBM or TeamTrack, the url should end with a question mark like this: http:// server /tmtrack/tmtrack.dll ? If the question mark is missing and the Disable Script Debugging option is not checked (by default is checked), the above error will occur.
CMS-XML Creating an Oracle system DSN on 10.2.x and getting an error - sqlstate=im004
Under 'Local Security Policy' -> User Access Rights you need to allow the Administrators Group to 'Create Global Objects' on the TT Server . This is not done by default and Oracle 10.2 + W2003 needs it if you want to create a System DSN.
CMS-XML TeamTrack 63029 Patch
4.3 Fixed in TeamTrack 6.3, Build 63016 (Solaris version) Resolving InitExtension Failed Errors by Correcting the IUSR_ Account Privileges Internet Information Server (IIS) uses an account, IUSR_machinename (Internet Guest Account), to access the TeamTrack database when the Web server is running on a Windows server . If you are experiencing InitExtension Failed errors while trying to login to the TeamTrack browser interface while using the Microsoft Access, you may need to set correct privileges for the IUSR accounts. For TeamTrack to function correctly, this IUSR_ account needs Full Control over TeamTrack directories.
CMS-XML TeamTrack Notification Server MAPI Setup.
... the TeamTrack Notification Server to run using ... ... with the mail server . ... with the mail server , the NT ... start services, access to the mail server and has Administrator rights to the server machine itself. ... runs the notification server , needs to ... order to send e -mail notifications ... ... the TeamTrack mail server machine as TeamTrack ... ... fill out the server setup information. ... book for verifying e -mail addresses ... ... Type in your e -mail address ... Send the e -mail. ... something is configured incorrectly within the profile ... ... the TeamTrack Notification Server
CMS-XML Error: Could not send email (SendMail): XXX
This are errors returned by the SMTP server . ... Those are smtp server response codes. ... 283 The Gordano server is configured so ... ... taken from the e -mail message ... aborted, local error in processing 452 ... storage 500 Syntax error , command unrecognized ... Also command line too long 501 Syntax error in paramaters or arguements 502 Command not implemented 503 Bad sequence of commands 504 Command parameters not implemented 550 Action not taken. ... Not found, not accessible 551 User not local, please try 552 Exceeded storage allocation 553 Mailbox name not allowed. Mailbox syntax may be incorrect 554 Transaction failed
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