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CMS-XML IOO311: Starting IOO V3.1 for first time getting ULTISTR 026E invalid sub-system name
This was an old feature that was never developed, and may cause a DCF specification error. 3. Customer needs the latest version of the ULTIBGL replacement member for the SRCUSER library (in XMIT format), as recommended, for the re-assembly of the Global Table.
CMS-XML IOO313: Messages ULTIC13I, ULITC14I, ULTIC15E on startup
The copy of the DCF table that gets loaded into ECSA during initialization has an IN-USE switch. Each time DCF gets updated , we turn this switch on, make the updated , then turn the switch off. Each time DCF is about to be referenced, we ensure the IN-USE switch is not on.
CMS-XML Serena Products that are compatible with IBM’s z/OS 2.2
The products listed above include the latest versions of Serena products which were Generally Available at the time of IBM's z/OS 2.2 announcement. All other releases of Serena mainframe products were not included in z/OS 2.2 compatibility testing.
CMS-XML IOO313: Message ULTI2216 involved in ABEND
Even though JSCBUFPT contains 00966000 *right NOW*, R4 contains 00000000. This means that someone else updated JSCBUFPT between the time that we loaded R4 and the time of the abend. This is the entire list of instructions in that range:
CMS-XML IOO V3.1.3 stopped working shortly after IPL and STC startup
We IPL'd our production system this past weekend and now it appears that StarTool IOO has stopped functioning. Following the IPL, a started task that runs multiple times daily showed message ULTI003MA in its console log.
CMS-XML Licensing implications of z15 System Recovery Boost feature on ChangeMan ZMF, ChangeMan SSM, Comparex, StarTool FDM, and StarTool IOO
[2] Helps restart and recover the middleware environment and client workloads substantially faster than on any prior Z machine. [3] Delivers higher processor capacity for a limited time following an IPL during a boost period so that the operating system can start faster and client workloads can catch up and work through a backlog after a downtime." What effect does this have on the licensing of the ChangeMan ZMF, ChangeMan SSM, Comparex, StarTool FDM, and StarTool IOO products?
CMS-XML Product Lifecycle and Platform Matrix
The Product Lifecycle page lists each product release, its status and the end of support date . Start at the Product Lifecycle page. Search for you product in the dropdown list.
CMS-XML StarTool IOO: Additional details on message SZI031MI
UNIFFTB.V.JBI.DSSSFILE.BBSSS , TIME =10:04:27, DATE =2016/01/12.
CMS-XML IOO experiencing sporadic S378-10
SZI052MI MC0331 ,INFOPAC ,SYS00005,IN102 ,TPRK01,Optimization attempt bypassed ,F0040006C000,RULE=VSAM0303, ABENDAID.BATCH.PROD.REPORT.SHRDIR , TIME =01:57:38, DATE =2011/08 IEF237I 21C3 ALLOCATED TO SYS00006
CMS-XML Optimization message SZI010MI is missing a rule name in RULE=
Why is optimization message SZI010MI missing a rule name in RULE= ? SZI010MI SPMEBB1A,BIA26S10,BSLPARMV,EZTPA00 ,LG0989,FF8C00000000000000000000100000BA,600C00D840T0,RULE= , SPMEBB1.TEMPVSAM , TIME =15:15:12, DATE =2015/08/06.
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