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CMS-XML z/OS 2.5 Compatibility with ChangeMan ZMF, ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack, ChangeMan SSM, Comparex, StarTool FDM and StarTool IOO
2. Unzip the downloaded file. 3. The extracted file will generate a folder named 'ZMF8.2.5.031' that will contain files named 'README.txt' and 'H157001.LOD.BIN'. 4. Transfer 'H157001.LOD.BIN' as a binary file to your mainframe into a LRECL=80/RECFM=FB sequential dataset or member.
CMS-XML StarTool IOO 3.1.4 User's Notes
This solution contains the interim documentation of the new features of StarTool IOO 3.1.4. This interim documentation is supplied for informational purposes only as a convenience to customers, and will be superceded by the contents of the User's Guide when Because the interim documentation is highly abbreviated in form, it should not be construed to express or imply any contractual obligation on the part of Serena Software.
CMS-XML SMF Reporting to be removed from IOO
SMF reporting will be removed from the IOO product. The ULTSMFS job in IOO.JCL and its associated programs are no longer supported. Other SMF components will be removed as well.
CMS-XML IOO311 Upgrading operating system to z/OS 1.9 from z/OS 1.7 found IOO messages of concern
We're going to upgrade to z/OS 1.9 and as part of the migration checking, we turned on the one-byte console checker on z/OS 1.7. It found a few messages from STARTIOO:
CMS-XML StarTool IOO Optimizer (Ultimizer) & BMC Copy+ V9.1 (and higher) incompatibility issue.
(1) Updating IOO’s DCF (Dynamic Control Facility) component to include a BYPASS entry for program ACPMAIN. (2)
CMS-XML IOO313: Message ULTI2xEAA is being generated during optimization.
Code Routine Reason A A1090 Catalog Service Routine says cluster has no data component B A1390 Error assigning subpool.
CMS-XML IOO313: ULTI2xEAA Message description
ULTI200: ULTI2AEAA Catalog Service Routine says cluster has no data component ULTI2BEAA Error assigning subpool.
CMS-XML SZIB001E 'Start' command return codes =X'@@@@@@@@/@@@@@@@@'.
When Option 3 is selected to activate the new DCF rules, the IOODCF procedure is started as seen below after the SZIB001E message meaning. Thus, this needs to be in a jes PROCLIB which was part of installation step 'Copying the Procedures to PROCLIB'. Ensure the procedures were updated with the correct IOO library names.
CMS-XML IOO311: StorageTech new virtual tape system installed, and IOO is not re-blocking
Here is part of their rules table. Notice how there is an entry for volumes beginning with '0', '1', '2', '4', and '6'. There is no rule for volumes beginning with '3'.
CMS-XML Top Secret: SZIST55W SAF extract failure followed by SZIST56W DMM feature disallowed so turned off
The problem occurred because the Top Secret ENF component was not fully initialized when the StarTool IOO started task was started. Moving IOO later in the IPL process resolved the issue.
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