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CMS-XML IOO V3.1.3 stopped working shortly after IPL and STC startup
Recycling the StarTool task didn't help, so we IPL'd last night and made sure that ShareOption/5 started after StarTool IOO. All is working fine now, including ShareOption/5 with the PTFs I applied on Sunday. We'll make changes to our automated IPL procedure to ensure the correct order from now on.
CMS-XML looping started task - ESPMSTR
CMS-XML IOO started task audit of IOO storage has version R313 instead of R314
IOO started task audit of IOO storage has version R313 instead of R314
CMS-XML Are Serena products affected by the OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug?
In response to the security flaw found in OpenSSL, known as the Heartbleed Bug (CVE-2014-0160), Serena has analyzed our software to determine if any are vulnerable to this bug. The nature of the bug is such that secure connections to a server are vulnerable to potential bleeding of somewhat random server memory into a response to a client. See for full details.
CMS-XML IOO313: ULTIC1nI and ULTIC15E messages during startup.
This beta fix can be found on our FTP Server as fix number IOO31310. This file contains one (1) replacement load module as follows: ULTIA00 - 01/13/2004
CMS-XML IOO313: Message ULTI2211 generated when attempting to open a catalog as a dataset.
Beta fix IOO31310 is available on our FTP Server . This fix
CMS-XML IOO311: Getting S878 Abends (Region) after re-assembling the Global Rules Table.
There is a fix for Global Table macro, IOO31105. This fix is available on our FTP Server . You can call our direct Tech Support line, and ask for a UserID and password, to be able to download the IOO V3.1.1 available fixes.
CMS-XML IOO313: TSO region size is being limited by the Ultimizer task.
Development has generated a beta fix, a replacement for ULTI010 (fix number IOO31304 available on our FTP Server ). This is for the IOO OPEN intercept. We have updated it to not call our REGION routine, if the current OPEN we are intercepting, is for a TSO user, and the global table says we should not rebuffer TSO.
CMS-XML IOO313: Getting ULTI2211 message when batch job accesses a VSAM file having more then six alternate indexes.
size of the work area. A beta fix is available on our FTP Server as fix IOO31309. This file contains one (1) replacement load module as follows:
CMS-XML IOO313: Error code ICE061A on Sort and IEBGENR.
FTP Server .
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