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CMS-XML IOO311: Offsets incorrect for DDM settings after re-assembling Global Table
StarTool IOO, 3.1.1 DETAIL : After re-assembling the Global Table customer encountered the following issues:
CMS-XML IOO311: Getting S878 Abends (Region) after re-assembling the Global Rules Table.
StarTool IOO, 3.1.1 DETAIL : Getting S878 region Abends after installing IOO V3.1 , and after re-assembling the Global Table using the Global Table macro, ULTIGBL, from the IOO.V311.SRCUSER software distribution library, as provided on the product installation tape.
CMS-XML S0C4 IN ULTI020 performing COBOL compile
809 NAME=UNKNOWN 809 DATA AT PSW 0BCE3EAE - 100D4780 6EBAD207 D6321008 809 AR/GR 0: 8E8AEE8C/0EF17DF4 1: 00000000/0CF0B880
CMS-XML EASYTRIEVE and compile program results in S0C4 abend with IOO
NAME=PHSPRD5Z DATA AT PSW 0000A8CC - 00181612 16F20EE0 47E0B778 AR/GR 0: 00000000/0004B000 1: 00009178/40006B98
CMS-XML Product Lifecycle and Platform Matrix
Each version is listed. For more details , click on the link for the version you are interested in.
CMS-XML s878 abends with many files open and increased BUFNUM
CEE3250C The system or user abend S878 R=00000010 was issued. From compile unit MTGB924 at entry point MTGB924 at compile unit offset at address 00009B34.
CMS-XML S0B0-24 occurs with nonexistent swareq issued from ULTISTAT
CEE3250C The system or user abend S0B0 R=00000024 was issued. From compile unit MC004 at entry point MC004 at compile unit offset +0000D25E at address 2678C25E.
CMS-XML Abend S0C4 at offset +X'5CFC' in program ULTIE00
Data area SZIE036I_TEXT, in which program macro CRITERIA builds the text for trace message SZIE036I is not large enough. If the created text exceeds the current length of 35 bytes, the data areas following SZIE036I_TEXT are overlaid. This overlay causes service routine C2000 to take the S0C4 abend at the indicated offset.
CMS-XML IOO311: S0B0 abend RC=8 in IBM Communication Task
ULTI030 builds the parmlist values for a SWAREQ macro dynamically during VSAM CLOSE process. These parms are built by using information from various system control blocks. Since IOO will intercept the CLOSE of all VSAM files, we should protect against any potential abends when possible. The SWAREQ macro is being updated to request a
CMS-XML IOO312: Getting User Abend 1010 for IE jobs with numerous opens
The LSR pools are built as each file is OPENed. LSR pools have to be built so that you have buffer sizes that match the datasets CISIZES ( data and index). We read the catalog records of the file being opened and thus we know what buffer sizes to build in the LSR pool. The user can dynamically allocate files after we have placed a file into LSR and IOO would have never known about the file when we built the original LSR pool since the file was not even allocated at the time.
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