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CMS-XML Effect of IBM’s removal of support for user key common areas on ChangeMan ZMF/SSM, StarTool FDM/IOO and Comparex
Effect of IBM’s removal of support for user key common areas on ChangeMan ZMF/SSM, StarTool FDM/IOO and Comparex
MS-WORD ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
- Issued by program ULTI200 as part of the IOO VSAM record level interface. - The common service routine used by IOO's VSAM record level interface for closing a data set and re-opening it using NSR (Non-Shared Resources) has detected a failure in the re-opening of the
SMFVNSR - VSAM non-shared resource (NSR) forced A BLDVRP=AUTO is specified. B During LSR optimization, a major error occurred in the SHRPOOL assignment service .
CMS-XML S0C4 in ULTI020 in BMC CMF monitor
09.14.38 STC25185 BBDDI039I History file compression is enabled 09.14.38 STC25185 BBDDA017I CMF MONITOR Online (5.8.00) Service Point Attach complete 09.14.38 STC25185 BBDDA035I Data Collector LOCK disabled by BBDTDCDL PARMLIB member
CMS-XML Abend S0C4 at offset +X'5CFC' in program ULTIE00
Data area SZIE036I_TEXT, in which program macro CRITERIA builds the text for trace message SZIE036I is not large enough. If the created text exceeds the current length of 35 bytes, the data areas following SZIE036I_TEXT are overlaid. This overlay causes service routine C2000 to take the S0C4 abend at the indicated offset.
CMS-XML IOO313: Message ULTI2xEAA is being generated during optimization.
Code Routine Reason A A1090 Catalog Service Routine says cluster has no data component B A1390 Error assigning subpool.
CMS-XML Questions on XML licensing and CSA
b) Library name in LICDSN load module in system link list, or in product STEPLIB or JOBLIB. c) Common storage (CSA). 2) How much CSA is used up when I run LICUPDAT with PARM=LOAD?
CMS-XML New Features in StarTool IOO 3.1.5
The way that IOO loads its modules into common storage is improved. Several new messages have been added and updated to improve IOO operational transparency
CMS-XML IOO312: Getting User Abend 1010 for IE jobs with numerous opens
This is also the way ULTIMIZR worked. One thing it does is if the file is reopened, we can put it back into the same LSR pool without having to rebuild it. About the only thing we can recommend is for them to update their tables to cause IOO to place multiple files into LSR pools, or have them decrease their buffer defaults so each file does not get as many buffers as they currently are getting.
MS-WORD ------------------------------------------------------------------------ - VSI. 3.7.4 - Common override records. - STC.
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