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CMS-XML IOO312: ULTI01VI trace messages being issued erroneously
IOO312: ULTI01VI trace messages being issued erroneously
CMS-XML Abend S0C4 at offset +X'5CFC' in program ULTIE00
Data area SZIE036I_TEXT, in which program macro CRITERIA builds the text for trace message SZIE036I is not large enough. If the created text exceeds the current length of 35 bytes, the data areas following SZIE036I_TEXT are overlaid. This overlay causes service routine C2000 to take the S0C4 abend at the indicated offset.
CMS-XML IOO311: Data Set specified in DCF not being optimized
Add the following trace's to the DCF table: SELECT=ulti-vsam JOB= your_job_name
CMS-XML z/os 2.2: missing SZI messages
Job execution with IOO in z/os 2.2 environment results in missing SZI messages. Additional SZI messages appear if ioo trace DDs are present. - With the ioo trace DDs active, more messages appear than with them disabled.
CMS-XML IOO313: Two job steps not being optimized by IOO
Requested the following additional trace be placed at the top of the DCF Table, and send us the job output, and a copy of the DCF Table: SELECT=ALL JOB=jobname*
CMS-XML IOO311: Receiving bad data on sequential reads
Appears that the switch to MSR if it happens with a key toward the end of an extended VSAM file, after the re-open appears that the wrong key is there. Programmer did traces and is getting data with a high value and then is getting data with a low record and this is with sequential files. Provided a successfull execution using Ultimizer R200.
CMS-XML ASMA017W Undefined keyword parameter for ULTIG/TWTOLIM and ULTG/TWTLLIM
CMS-XML IOO312: Getting many groups of ULTI01VI messages, running batch test job.
Module ULTI010 has a trace message being issued with the wrong bit being tested to determine if the user has requested trace . Apply fix IOO31201 to address this problem.
CMS-XML IOO311: Does Ultimizer/IOO support temporary JCL allocated VSAM files?
XX AVGREC=K We are getting a group of Ultimizer messages and a SHOWCAT trace that looks like this:
CMS-XML IOO311: IOO nnot honoring //ULT@SOFF DD DUMMY specification.
and IBM couldn't reproduce the problem (as it turns out, they didn't have Startool-IOO). IBM traces and dumps showed that something was gaining control after SMP/E invoked IEBCOPY to change the DCB for SYSUT1. We had used "//ULT@SOFF DD DUMMY" in the SMP/E job, and the error still showed up, which threw us off.
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