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CMS-XML IOO312: Getting many groups of ULTI01VI messages, running batch test job.
IOO312: Getting many groups of ULTI01VI messages, running batch test job.
CMS-XML IOO312: ULTI01VI trace messages being issued erroneously
Details: After installing the base product, batch jobs output generating groups of ULTI01VI trace messages, when trace was not specified/requested. Issue found in Release: 3.1.2
CMS-XML StarTool IOO Support For z/OS 1.10 and z/OS 1.11
Serena Research and Development Group performed validation of StarTool IOO releases V3.1.2 and V3.1.3 with z/OS release 1.11. These sanity check tests, along with review of the new features and other changes in z/OS, do not indicate any interface problems or other issues exist between these two software products.
CMS-XML IOO313: 0D5 Abend resulting from IOO processing VSAM files
Please see the comments from the IOO Development Group , after their review of the supplied documentation:
CMS-XML IOO311: Does Ultimizer/IOO support temporary JCL allocated VSAM files?
XX AVGREC=K We are getting a group of Ultimizer messages and a SHOWCAT trace that looks like this:
CMS-XML IOO V3.1.3 stopped working shortly after IPL and STC startup
Customers Comments after speaking with Serena Support Group :
CMS-XML IOO311: Received message ULTI254I, and need to know its meaning.
There is an internal table where we track I/O for all RPL's. The ULTIMIS group wanted to keep information about every RPL. We did not update that code when worked on generating the new statistics. We really do not see much advantage of keeping information around for each RPL.
792 A: 7EFD9798 B: 8560785C 792 C: 00 AD 29B0 D: 7EFD9798 792 E: 80FDD408 F: 85607892
CMS-XML VSAM files buffered under release IOO 3.1.3 but not under IOO 3.1.4 possibly due to program override
** Group 04 : Generic VSAM/BLDVRP bypasses. * V314
CMS-XML IOO313: Abend S0C4 when starting Syncsort monitor region, PSW points to ULTIA00
Here are the findings from the IOO Development Group . This will be addressed in the next release of IOO:
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