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CMS-XML Large Block Interface (LBI) disabled as default (LBI=NO)
Large Block Interface (LBI) disabled as default (LBI=NO)
CMS-XML SC03 abend when IOO 3.1.4 uses large block interface (LBI)
SC03 abend when IOO 3.1.4 uses large block interface (LBI)
CMS-XML Storage leaks need to be corrected in ULTI201 program
Module ULTI201 is the IOO front end to the VSAM access method interface module. There are several identified storage leaks in this module. The largest is that the module itself (and its associated working storage) are not deleted when the associated ACB is closed, but only if the associated ACB is re-opened.
CMS-XML rule conversion issues-SZIE016E*Unrecognized control input record
When an attempt is made to use the IOO ISPF interface for rules conversion, the following problems are encountered. 1) Input the DCF rules from ioo313 output ioo314 library. DCFERR V314 -------------- IOO-DCF Error Message ---------------------------
CMS-XML populated message parameters for reblocking / rebuffering in panel DCF007 incorrect
When option 2 of the DCF interface is selected to set IOO message options in global panel DCF007, the options set are not retained.
CMS-XML IOO312: Optimization gets reactivated during the restart of IOO.
This is not true. After deactivating IOOINQY shows that the product's interface isn't active. But if the customer shuts down the product by P STARTIOO and restarts it the restart messages and the IOOINQY says that the product's interfaces are active again.
CMS-XML SZIB001E 'Start' command return codes =X'@@@@@@@@/@@@@@@@@'.
From the ISPF interface to IOO DCF, when selecting Option 3 - Activate an IOO DCF table, the following error results: SZIB001E 'Start' command return codes =X'@@@@@@@@/@@@@@@@@'.
CMS-XML DCF conversion CLIST dropping Bypass=ulti-vsam statements
Conversion of old-format DCF rules to the new rule syntax occurs automatically whenever the DCF table is processed by the new ISPF interface to DCF. To convert your existing DCF rules to the new format, save the old rules table to a separate library, install StarTool IOO 3.1.4, then perform the following steps:
CMS-XML StarTool IOO Support For z/OS 1.10 and z/OS 1.11
Serena Research and Development Group performed validation of StarTool IOO releases V3.1.2 and V3.1.3 with z/OS release 1.11. These sanity check tests, along with review of the new features and other changes in z/OS, do not indicate any interface problems or other issues exist between these two software products.
CMS-XML IOO311: Job abending S0C6 when concatinated I/P has RECFM=F
ULTIQ1TI - MVS System ID Bytes 9-16: 0000000000000000 ULTIQ3AI - System Interface #1 Status: Active ULTIQ3BI - System Interface #2 Status: Active
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