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CMS-XML IOO313: Getting message ULTI20T6E in some jobs (message not documented).
Require assistance with this message id, it is showing up in some jobs and the manual does not have it listed
CMS-XML New IOO customers and trials converting from another optimization software product
If necessary, contact IOO technical support for assistance with the required conversion.
CMS-XML IOO313 Customer is requesting detail regarding ULTI254I and ULTI2HACA messages he is getting.
Can you help with understanding what these ULTI messages are trying to tell me: +ULTI254I G#EP100D,PS210 ,VLM2LIB ,RPL Support Table exceeded ,VKT.VDVBP.AFPDEMO.EDL
CMS-XML IOO experiencing sporadic S378-10
CMS-XML Licensing implications of z15 System Recovery Boost feature on ChangeMan ZMF, ChangeMan SSM, Comparex, StarTool FDM, and StarTool IOO
[1] Shuts down the system substantially faster than any prior Z machine. [2] Helps restart and recover the middleware environment and client workloads substantially faster than on any prior Z machine. [3] Delivers higher processor capacity for a limited time following an IPL during a boost period so that the operating system can start faster and client workloads can catch up and work through a backlog after a downtime."
CMS-XML IOO311: Data Set specified in DCF not being optimized
It may be useful to see the trace output for everything within the JOBSTEP. Also, supply a copy of the LISTCAT for this data set. If the file is defined with SHR OPTIONS of 4, no buffering tool can help .
*,Enter, HELP ,command for further information regarding this error., ,,*
CMS-XML IOO V3.1.3 stopped working shortly after IPL and STC startup
Shutting down the ShareOption/5 task removed it's front-end code from the SVC, but I could see that the ULTISI1 code wasn't there (thanks to you guys for helping me understand what to look for). Recycling the StarTool task didn't help, so we IPL'd last night and made sure that ShareOption/5 started after StarTool IOO. All is working fine now, including ShareOption/5 with the PTFs I applied on Sunday.
CMS-XML IOO200: S0C4 Abend when turning on VLSR; I0031102 possible fix; similar fix for R2.0.0 ?
The dump they supplied does look a little like the dump associated with the fix they are referencing. It is hard to tell since COBOL intercepted the S0C4 and produced a COBOL dump, but the abend- aid section details the S0C4 (a little). It looks like they abending directly after OPENing a file.
CMS-XML IOO313: Two job steps not being optimized by IOO
After making the above requested change, and reasm of the Rules Table, the job with the TRACE specification is now getting hit, which provided development the information they needed to help resolve the problem. Some additional research and requested action from IOO development team: While we don't see an execution for PGM=DSN..., we are wondering if the program they are executing does an attach for a program with a prefix of DSN.
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