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CMS-XML SZI002MI message has missing rule name
The SZI002MI message does not indicate the rule name used; the rule name is missing. ... + ACFP.M002 D .SMFDATA.G0007V00
CMS-XML IOO does not correctly support JOB=ALL in DCF
1) JOB= Identifies a job name to be used as match criteria for the DCF rule.
CMS-XML DSIZEMX and ISIZEMX subparameters in macro ULTITBL do not match User Guide documentation
Appendix A: Rules Table in the IOO User’s Guide incorrectly defines the DSIZEMX and ISIZEMX names as DSIZEMAX and ISIZEMAX in some sections, respectively. The descriptions for these parameters are also missing the M and MB suffixes on pages 100 and 105. Appendix A does correctly describe the subparameters as the upper-limit for buffer pool size and Hiperspace.
CMS-XML IOO311: Starting IOO V3.1 for first time getting ULTISTR 026E invalid sub-system name
Issue found in Release: 3.1.1 1. The subsystem U311 does not need to be defined in the IEFSSNxx member. 2. Additionally, you may need to remove the references in your DCF to: bypass=ulti-ims
CMS-XML IOO313: Upgraded to IOO 3.1.3, and now a job is not being bypassed when it should have been.
DCF is documented that the user should use the program name from the JCL EXEC card, when specifying a DCF PGM entry. IOO must track down this program name. When a routine is subtasking, the program name can still be obtained, but different logic is needed.
CMS-XML change MSGS library name in IOO.CLIST(IOODCF)
Change IOO messages library name in IOO315.CLIST(IOODCF) to actually reflect the suffix of the name of the library shipped. Installation Instructions do not indicate this library name needs to be changed, and failure to do so will cause startup of ioodcf to fail. ISPEXEC LIBDEF ISPMLIB STACK DATASET ID( +
CMS-XML Member ULTIDVSA is not found in the MAC Distribution Library
distribution library under the member name ULTIDVSA. (Required entry)
CMS-XML IOO311: Prefix JOB or STEPNAME with NOULT does not bypass processing
We copied the source from the R200 library to V3.1.1 library and assembled with no changes to the source code. When using NOULT as stepname in R200 the step was by passed, but in V3.1.1 it is not. I understand that if I reassemble it with the #bypass mac member the NOULT as job/step name will work.
CMS-XML Cannot pf3 from panel DCF002 after selecting option 1
Job name ===> . Step name ===> .
CMS-XML Optimization message SZI010MI is missing a rule name in RULE=
Why is optimization message SZI010MI missing a rule name in RULE= ? SZI010MI SPMEBB1A,BIA26S10,BSLPARMV,EZTPA00 ,LG0989,FF8C00000000000000000000100000BA,600C00 D 840T0,RULE= , SPMEBB1.TEMPVSAM ,TIME=15:15:12,DATE=2015/08/06.
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