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CMS-XML IOO311: Offsets incorrect for DDM settings after re-assembling Global Table
DETAIL: After re-assembling the Global Table customer encountered the following issues: As far as I can tell, the EREGION and ELIMIT keywords in the global
CMS-XML IOO313: Wrong length recrod error condition being returned to sort, for input file.
Thus, the user has several options. They could code LRECL=58 in the JCL, since that is what the LRECL should be, or they will need to add an entry to their RULES table to suppress IOO from this jobstep.
CMS-XML ASMA060S COPY code not found - ULTIDVTD assembling JCL(ULTIDASM)
When assmbling the device table using JCL(ULTIDASM), the following error messages occur: ASMA060S COPY code not found - ULTIDVTD -- MACRO - ULTIDVT ASMA435I Record 50 in STRSUP.IOO314.MAC(ULTIDVT) on volume: SRSM35
CMS-XML ASMA043E Previously defined symbol - $L110161 assembling ULTITBK0
Assembling the rules table using customer's #CUSTOM source on z/os 1.13 system results in error ASMA043E. JCL for assembling the rules table is located in IOO314.JCL(ULTITASM) 0135C8 07 47010+ DC AL1(L'$L110161-1)
CMS-XML IOO313: Messages ULTIC13I, ULITC14I, ULTIC15E on startup
Recycling IOO to pick up a new table as well as rename a library, and now he is seeing the started task issue some error and informational messages, and would like to know their meaing. He had not seen these messages before this. The messages are:
CMS-XML SZIB001E 'Start' command return codes =X'@@@@@@@@/@@@@@@@@'.
From the ISPF interface to IOO DCF, when selecting Option 3 - Activate an IOO DCF table , the following error results: SZIB001E 'Start' command return codes =X'@@@@@@@@/@@@@@@@@'.
CMS-XML DSIZEMX and ISIZEMX subparameters in macro ULTITBL do not match User Guide documentation
Appendix A: Rules Table in the IOO User’s Guide incorrectly defines the DSIZEMX and ISIZEMX names as DSIZEMAX and ISIZEMAX in some sections, respectively. The descriptions for these parameters are also missing the M and MB suffixes on pages 100 and 105. Appendix A does correctly describe the subparameters as the upper-limit for buffer pool size and Hiperspace.
CMS-XML ASMA017W Undefined keyword parameter for ULTIG/TWTOLIM and ULTG/TWTLLIM
TWTLLIM=100, TRACE WTL MSG LIMIT R0AX When the global table was assembled using IOO314.JCL(ULTIGASM), the following assembler warning message issued: ** ASMA017W Undefined keyword parameter; default to positional, including keyword - ULTIG/TWTOLIM
CMS-XML IOO311: IOO nnot honoring //ULT@SOFF DD DUMMY specification.
IBM traces and dumps showed that something was gaining control after SMP/E invoked IEBCOPY to change the DCB for SYSUT1. We had used "//ULT@SOFF DD DUMMY" in the SMP/E job, and the error still showed up, which threw us off. With more trial and error , we updated the Startool-IOO rule table to add:
CMS-XML IOO Message ULTIM06E Load failed for ULTIGBnn
However the DCF Table was, in fact, loaded correctly (message ULTIC17E). View the job output, to verify that your tables have been successfully reloaded. Note: You should only see this error message when attempting to use a DCF member, for which, no corresponding Global Table exists.
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