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CMS-XML REPLACE command no longer accepts space before WRITE parameter
As of 7.6.2, FDM moved to a common parser for both batch FDM processing and the panel processing. All commands in the format "name (value[s])" do not allow spaces between the name of the option and the left-parenthesis.
CMS-XML STR: Writing an Online Generated Table to an Output Dataset
2) LISTC searches the catalog while LISTF searches the DASD VTOC. 3) The VOLUME parameter is ignored when using LISTC. 4) The DUAL command allows the results from the LISTC or LISTF to be written as 2 lines.
CMS-XML LOAD of saved record selection criteria does not retain numeric operators
Force read to end ==> YES (Yes/No/Bac read all records before display) Note: Yes is required to allow inserts, Bac is for backward read) Additional record selection by content:
CMS-XML What FDM function allows data set and volume searches?
Options 3.4 LISTC option allows various data set searches on a volume or mask of volumes --------------------- DATA SET LIST (LISTC/LISTF) UTILITY --------------------- OPTION
CMS-XML When COPY operation fails, FDM deletes the SOURCE data
See below for log entries:>------>Copy X* 'PAESI.COMPWARE.MLXT740.DOC' SHR LIST NONUM NOALIAS MOVE
CMS-XML COPY on RECFM=u dataset with nonload/load members gets PDS895E LOAD MODULE CONVERSION NOT ALLOWED
- DSN=userid.LOAD,VOL=SER=SRSMAA MEM=: ------- >------>Copy A1 TEST.LOAD SHR LIST NODUP REPLACE NOALIAS PDS895E Load module conversion is not allowed
CMS-XML Option 3.4 (LISTC) allows rename of multivolume tape data set
CMS-XML PDS#471Z Edit not allowed on a data base index or using a secondary index
END ------------------------- IMS PCB List for KTTT200A - ----- Row 1 to 18 of 37 COMMAND ===> SCROLL ===> CSR
CMS-XML FDM/IMS: Allow sequential browsing of non-keyed segments
Therefore, enhance the product to support this. ------------------------- IMS PCB List for AY18R30P - ----- Row 1 to 37 of 69 COMMAND ===> SCROLL ===> CSR
CMS-XML FDM: From copybook mode, how to use OUTPUT command to suppress header information
suppression of headers is not allowed from the output command panel from copybook mode. Suppression of headers is available as an option from the startool log when OUTPUT is used. Another mechanism for getting records to a dataset is by using the REPLACE or COPY commands as seen below.
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