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Added the solution to the FDM 7.5 README file, under Fix Log.
CMS-XML SER10TY 4.3.1 Patch
This solution includes documentation and installation files for the SER10TY 4.3.1 patch. For questions or problems, please contact Micro Focus Support.
CMS-XML FDM 7.7.0 SMP/E installers using SMP#OPT4 and SMP#SECI
For those SMP/E installers using SMP#OPT4 to install the options module, PDS#OPT4 or SMP#SECI to install the security module, PDS#SECI as USERMODS, updated JCL has been provided in the attachment section of this solution .
CMS-XML Hyper Fix: TLOD install library does not contain product members, only $DUMMY
Install the attached TLOD library that is attached to the solution .
Refer to solution 5003975 for updated JCL for SMP#OPT4 in the 'FULL Library' attachment.
CMS-XML FDM: Are SERALLOC and SERBSAM modules interchangeable between SERENA products?
Note: With XML licensing beginning in FDM 7.7.0, this solution is no longer applicable.
CMS-XML FDM v7.8.2 Install updated FDM.COPY library
Refer to the install instructions attached to this solution for details.
CMS-XML What is the correct region size to access FDM online?
IBM provides a solution for increasing this default setting using a well defined IBM exit called IEFUSI. This exit can be used to increase the region size for TSO users. Discussions with other customers have shown that this technique is successful in solving region issues.
CMS-XML FDM731: WLIB assembly error in PDS#OPT4 options module (SAMPOPT4 as shipped with product)
Apply the new ASSEMBLE(#MACROS) module that is attached to this solution . The SMPE and nonsmpe fixes can also be located on our FTP site under fix FDM73101.
CMS-XML selecting "what's new" results in panel PDS0WH@ error
Workaround: Install the new PDS0WH@ panel that is attached to this solution . --1-- save the file to your pc --2-- execute the file and supply a password of 'FDM'
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