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CMS-XML STARBAT - MULTICOPY with MOVE results in output dataset missing data
OR=(50,EQ,C'N/P'), <<<< this OR-MOVE sequence is issue * INSTANCE MOVE=(214,12,20),MAXRECOUT=0,
CMS-XML MULTICOPY get missing-incomplete data or x'00' in output for fields INSTANCE and START_DATE after
* CR = COPYRECORD DD01 MC IF=(5,EQ,C'LOCATION:'), MOVE =(1,200C' '), MOVE =(201,103C' '), *LOCAL_LOCATION
CMS-XML FDM Started Task responses have 'UNKNOWN' console ID in z/OS 1.8
FDM Started Task responses have 'UNKNOWN' console ID in z/OS 1.8
MS-EXCEL FDM_7.7.0_Supported_Platform_Matrix.xls
The "Hdwr" worksheet describes which processor versions are supported on which operating systems for each release. The " Server OS" worksheet describes the Server operating systems are supported on a per release basis The "Client OS" worksheet describes the Client operating systems are supported on a per release basis
CMS-XML version number not displaying using panel PDS@PRIM
the use of ISR is recommended for several reasons. • StarTool FDM is a common server and shares more ISPF ISR variables as
CMS-XML FDM751: CD Install of FDM version 7.5.1
Product: StarTool-FDM version 7.5.1 Detail: The CD install of FDM version 7.5.1 requires the user to have 'administration authority' to their PC, FTP access and the IP address of their host .
CMS-XML STR: Startool LLA command
Check your CSVLLAxx member. StarTool detects an LLA library by checking for a SYSTEM ENQUEUE on a data set by the LLA started task . If the LLA ENQUEUE is turned off, StarTool can not determine if a data set is LLA controlled.
CMS-XML STR: StarTool and LPA
If StarTool is placed in LPA, it will take about 800K in storage below the 16Meg line and a little over 200K above the 16Meg line. This means that if you put StarTool in LPA the largest private area available for all jobs, STCs and TSO users will be reduced by 800K (to check this value on an executing system, enter CONTROL LISTENV from within StarTool).
CMS-XML STR610: Working with extended VSAM data sets
First, it will allow VSAM data sets to be larger that 4 gigabytes in size. Second, it supports data striping so that VSAM access will be substantially faster with the newest generation of DASD devices. Third, it allows for data compression in certain instances .
CMS-XML Executing FDM in TSO Batch Results in IKJ56500I COMMAND xxxx NOT FOUND
FDM is not activated in batch if the licensing module is not in the FDM.LOAD or in a library that is accessible by the batch job. Note: The FDM started task will also be impacted and not display information for FDM commands.
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