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CMS-XML response time maxing down to bottom of records selected by record selection in PEDIT
The following selections were made on the record selection screen: A screen with first 20 records came back fast enough, but when I typed "M" on command line and hit pf8, it took 7 min to display screen # 2. I only wanted to see the last of 506 selected records and the file is not that big.
CMS-XML FIND with NE (not equal) not locating proper number of records
******************************************* Max records to search ==> Force read to end ==> YES (Yes
CMS-XML PDS999E S0C6-0006 When Copying Records using COPYBOOK 'Column Number/Name' from Record Selection Panel
(1-99999999 or blank to ignore) Max records to select ==>
CMS-XML PDS#300C memory limitation occurs for large datasets
Starting record number ==> 1 (1-99999999 or blank to ignore) Max records to select ==> (1-99999999 or blank to ignore) Interval of selection ==> (2-99999999 or blank to ignore)
CMS-XML max right on linear vsam data set using option1 (browse)
920 999. Beginning with column 921 as the left-most column number , FDM changes to display a single number in the column display. The single column is the left- most column of the data set.
CMS-XML Documentation on Maximum values for FIND
1. For ‘Maximum members to find’ the values should be as per panel PDSM1PFS - (1 to 99999) 2. For ‘Maximum records input’ the values should be
CMS-XML Starbat does not issue a message when the MACRECOUT maximum is reached
Starbat does not issue a message when the MACRECOUT maximum is reached
The following changes have occurred in the HIST command: - Message PDS067I: The binder no longer has a maximum number of IRD slots so the value is posted as “(n/a)” - Message PDS103I: Includes the csect and entry label
CMS-XML DB2 v8 S0C4 processing command PDSSQLTB
Read all Rows/Columns ===> NO (type-in, YES or NO. for all/limit) Limit - Max # of Rows ===> 100 (type-in, limit number of Row/Cols) Saved ISPF Table
CMS-XML New Features in StarTool FDM
specified in hex characters 0-9, lowercase a-f, or uppercase A-F. Maximum key length is 32 hexadecimal digits (24 hexadecimal bytes).
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