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CMS-XML IMS Log is always allocated, even if only read requested
Detail: An IMS Log is always requested, although a PSB with PROCOPT=GO and "Desired Access" READ was specified. User feels that in this case , an IMS log is not necessary and should not be allocated.
CMS-XML RESTORE results in PDS872E This member is after the data set end-of-file
4 Pedit - SuperEdit Option to edit in parallel JUL DATE - 2009.194 ... A Advanced - Menu of advanced applications LOG PROC - ISPFS001 ... I# ISPF - Stack an ISPF session (like I3. 4 ) LEVEL - 7.7.0 05 ... Case for find data ==> ANY (ANY, UPPER, ASIS)
CMS-XML S0C4 abend after PF3 from Output log Table
1. Log on FDM 2. From the Panel PDSMENU, choose option A. 3. On panel PDSMADV - select option 7 - Output Log Table.
Issuing a CHANGE command from a PDS which is the 'current data set' to another PDS, a S0C4 results. -------------------------- ISPMODE Session# 4 Log # 1 ------- Row 2 to 21 of 21 COMMAND ===> CH 'DDS3.PDS.WDI33.SEDISQL1'
CMS-XML COPY with automatic editlog=yes pf3 'return from log' issue
3) go to option 3.4 LISTC = panel PDSM034 4 ) ensure list generated contains a standard source PDS 5) Issue a COPY command next to the PDS
CMS-XML FDM: Installation, PDS#OPT4 and RACF violations
However, the large number of violations suggests to me that the product itself is simply trying to establish the user's authority by probing various levels of access until it finds one that works. This is a reasonable technique *only* if the trial-and-error process is performed with LOG =NONE. It's not reasonable to generate endless violation records just as part of a product's normal operation.
CMS-XML The invalid command being built when building job from cmds in the current log
2.Supply the member name/mask/range as appropriate on the screen 3.Supply the DDNAME value as appropriate. 4 .Hit enter to perform the search of the PDS(E) directories of the concatenated datasets. 5. Enter 5.2 from the FDM primary menu to generate the batch job.
CMS-XML PF3 from HIST editlog display incorreclty displays FDM log
PDS068I 0 IDR entries are in use; 19 are available for use PDS064I Last link-edited on 2011/07/26 10:02 by 5695PMB01-BINDERz/OS V01 M12 4 ) pf3 now goes back to FDM main menu
CMS-XML S0C4 when trying to do a CONTROL LISTENV
Apply PTF P610 LOG ++PTF(P610LOG) . ++VER(Z038) FMID(PDSE610) .
CMS-XML PEDIT record selection with copybook gets S0C4 in STARTOOL
- from go panel, select a data set to process - enter command PE SEL from session log screen - panel PDSPN01 - from panel PDSPESE1, enter record selection criteria
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