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CMS-XML FDM: copybook getting error on comment line
AD 0709*** NOTE 1: THIS COPYBOOK NEEDS TO BE PROCEEDED BY AN 01-LEVEL AD 0709*** GROUP ITEM, SUCH AS: ... AD 0709*** GROUP ITEM, SUCH AS: ... press END to cancel request
CMS-XML FIND option 3.15 against load members results in S0C4 in SZFDREAD and S0C1 in PDSIDSPY
Member or member group ==> : (*, start*, start: end or part/) ... Action if found ==> MEMBERS (ATTRIB, BROWSE, DIRENTRY, DELETE , EXCL, ... 2: 00156 AD 0 3: 0010457A ... END OF SYMPTOM DUMP ... END OF SYMPTOM DUMP
CMS-XML FDM: Deleting selected group of members from a group of libraries.
Press END to display data set table Press RCHANGE (PF6/18) to remove data sets bypassed or with no matches
DD01 SKIP STOPIF=(30,0,C'TGT DATE ') 00100203 *** End of control statement PDS220I //DD01 DD DSN=DDELXXX.DSN,DISP=SHR,UNIT=3390,
CMS-XML copybook receives error Group Item PIC - PDS#406A PICTURE clause found on group item level
press ENTER to try a different copybook press END E--------------------------------------------------------- PDS#406A PICTURE clause found on group item level
CMS-XML VERIFY on member group not producing same message PDS864E resulting from processing single member
II00587) in which opening a partitioned data set causes the FORMAT1 DSCB to be rewritten. If this occurs while the data set is open for update or output, then the DS1LSTAR (last TTR pointer) can be invalidated .
CMS-XML Interrupting a foreground StarTool FDM session
StarTool FDM generally needs two attentions to terminate processing. The first attention will terminate the member group or subcommand in control. StarTool FDM then sets a different attention exit so it can exit for a second attention.
CMS-XML The ABOVE and BELOW parameters of IF, MEMLIST and EXCLUDE commands are not calculating lines in members correctly
PDS165I Members are: PDS165I $$$DOCH, $PDS, $PDSINIT, DECODE, EMPTY, ENCODE, PDSLVHPN, STARTOOL, SZFIDYBH, SZFIDYDH PDS193I This group contains 10 members
CMS-XML Browse on Multivolume DSN gets PDS733E BROWSE failed -- null member or I/O error
TYPE ===> MEMBERS ===> (set to * or a member group to use MEMLIST to build a general purpose member list)
CMS-XML startool DELETE of members results in job hung
Apply the following IBM PTF associated with the APAR and ensure patch FDM is installed. APAR: oa32855: ERROR DESCRIPTION: When processing a directory of a PDSE that is damaged (a missing AD record in the directory), a loop occurs between IGG019SW and PDSE module IGWDMRDA. PROBLEM CONCLUSION: CHANGED IGG019SW TO CORRECTLY DETERMINE THE LAST DIRECTORY READ.
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