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CMS-XML FDM: EDIT macro with ISPF Edit
There are occasions when we need to have more selective control during mass updates. Usually, these changes are made using the FIND and CHANGE subcommands. However, Startool provides facilities to make this task much easier.
CMS-XML Does FDM cut SMF Records?
Some time ago in FDM version 6, some sample code was created to activate limited SMF recording for PEDIT only. The SMF implementation is documented in the FDM panel library < FDM.PANELS(PDS0620) >. Do a FIND on 'SMF'. . For other FDM processes including StarBat, normal standard SMF recording, if enabled, will log any updates to data sets made by the user's job or task .
CMS-XML Questions on XML licensing and CSA
following is the search order. If for example, you use the SERLIC DD method, and the license file is located but the information is invalid, the task will fail.
CMS-XML PF3 panel flow issue when perform multiple pds copy in Startool 7.7.0
From a 3.4 listing of datasets, when attempting to perform several COPY line commands for several of the datasets, after each COPY completes, the screen sequence always takes you back to the main Startool menu which requires you press exit again before the screen displays for specifying the COPY parameters for the next dataset in the list to copy. This adds extra interaction for a COPY task of a list of datasets. Can this be returned back to operate the way it (FDM752) previously operated?
CMS-XML REPLACE against PDSE results in PDS993E I/O error
In performing its REPLACE, startool does and UPDATE therefore requiring exclusive use of the dataset. If another user or task has the dataset allocated, the 'permanent I/O error' will result.
CMS-XML PDS961E VSAM OPEN error at RBA=0000; Open for update failed Feedback=000801F0
From the FDM messages manual indicating that the data set is already opened for output by some user, task or job. rs=F0, "Open for update failed" (the data set is open elsewhere or not reusable and an OPEN for UPDATE failed.
CMS-XML After DYNAMIC LINKLIST update, FINDMOD does not display correct module location
After activating the newly created dynamic linklist, the following command similar comman should be issued. Tasks will continue to use the old linklist set until the address space changes steps or are cycled. Thus, the use of LNKLST UPDATE JOB(*) is necessary to ensure all tasks , including your userid, are using the current set. Refer to the IBM's SYSTEM COMMANDS manual for further details on the JOB parameter. LNKLST UPDATE JOB(*)
CMS-XML S80A or S106 with ISPF 3rd split screen created with SPLIT NEW
When enter SWAP LIST command get the following selection to show how many split screen session user has: ------------------------ ISPF Task List ------------------------ Active ISPF Logical Sessions
CMS-XML S80A with ISPF multiple split screen sessions
When enter SWAP LIST command get the following selection to show how many split screen session user has: ------------------------ ISPF Task List ------------------------ Active ISPF Logical Sessions

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