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CMS-XML LISTC GLOBAL Search 'type of dataset to process'=2 then 7 gets pds600E and PDS842E
The order of ‘type of dataset to process =2’ and ‘type of dataset to process =7’ causes an error. Have to go out of FDM and back in to change the order and produce correct results.
CMS-XML Global FIND has higher EXCP and CPU counts - runs longer
GLOBAL FIND processing in FDM 7.7.0 runs much longer and higher EXCP and CPU counts than occurred in FDM 7.5.2 About 150 datasets are processed in the job. //SYSTSIN DD *
CMS-XML FDM: Batch LISTF stops processing when GDG base encountered.
CMS-XML LISTC GLOBAL no results using 'format for listing'=ldump or dump
LDUMP and DUMP processing are currently restricted to 16 characters per the documentation. The user had been attempting to search for a 17 character string. Refer to the FIND command LDUMP/DUMP parameters in the FDM Command Reference Guide.
CMS-XML FDM: Deleting selected group of members from a group of libraries.
StarTool Global processing would be used to perform this function. 1) get a list of libraries (DSNB, DSNC, etc.) that you want the members from (DSNA) to be deleted from: from the StarTool command line, issue LISTC RESET
CMS-XML Updating 'last referenced' date of LISTC data set list
Use the GLOBAL USAGE command. Or, if you want to be selective in the data sets updated, from the LISTC display, type GLOBAL on the command line, then select the option for the data sets you want processed .
CMS-XML Option A.10.4 receives error PDS714E No members are in the data set
CMS-XML FIXPDS RESET gets S430-0003 on nonsms data set
Explanation: The error occurred during processing of a DEQ macro instruction during the processing of global resource serialization. The control program found that the parameter list created from the macro
CMS-XML Search a LIST of Sequential data sets for a Specific String
once the list of datasets is displayed, you can specify an X to exclude any data set you don’t want to process. Issue command GLOBAL FIND to process the FIND command against the list of data sets ----------------------- List files 0
CMS-XML FDM: Data set lists using LISTC and MASK
The more general GLOBAL command also processes all datasets in a List Files table. For example, if you wanted to release space in all datasets in a List Files table, you could first enter CONTROL NOPROMPT from the log to permit dataset changes without confirmation prompting, transit to the List Files application with a LC command and enter GLOBAL FIXPDS RELEASE.
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