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CMS-XML STR610: Entering zero in packed or binary fields
Product: Startool version 6.1.0 Detail: If you are editing a file using PEDIT in Copybook mode and you have a packed or binary field with 1 or more numbers after the decimal point (for example, S9(5)V99 COMP), you might experience a problem entering a zero value in the field .
CMS-XML LEVEL field on FDM primary menu has WK after the 7.8.2 version
&PDSLEVEL = 'wk' changed to &PDSLEVEL = 'GA'
CMS-XML Change PEDIT in the panel title in SZFXELOM if in PVIEW mode
The sample below was after entering the PVIEW command, selecting the LOAD option on the "PDSM1SPV ----- PVIEW: View Sequential Data using PEDIT VIEW mode " panel. Since the user is in VIEW mode, the panel should say it. The field is blank the first time into this option. SZFXELOM ----------- ISPF PEDIT -- DATA SET WARNING --------------
CMS-XML CBMAP not correctly displaying column number for redefined field
CMS-XML For MEMLIST, change LEN/LKED to date display
To set the options in the individual user profile, user 0.0 SETALL and change field "LKED Date for load = YES" . To have the date display be the primary view, use 0.4 SETPANEL and set field "Show Attributes view = YES". Issue SAVE on the command line, then exit and reenter FDM to activate the new settings.
CMS-XML Assembling the PDS#OPT4 module results in ASMA161W Only one TITLE statement may have a name field
CMS-XML OPT field missing in USAGE report
More: + Caution: many of the fields of the Format 1 DSCB can not be changed without compromising data set integrity. For more information using field
CMS-XML LISTC masking character % not working in CONTAINING field
The field must contain specific information regarding additional limiting criteria for the data set display. Example 1 - good results if don't use % in CONTAINING field and change to be more specific If the node is targeted to be at end of a dataset, add period in front of node
CMS-XML PDS#301E String not found using COPYBOOK FIND cpybook-field NAME
Record select ===> NO (Yes/No; Yes prompts for record selection options) Audit changes ===> NO (Yes/No; Yes prompts for audit data set parameters) PEDIT options ===> NO (Yes/No; Yes prompts for PEDIT options, Edit options
CMS-XML CHANGE results in volume and dataset mismatch from previous COPY
3) enter the CHANGE command to specify another dataset on smpb00. The volume in the ‘volume name‘ field is the volser just used in the COPY data set allocation. The customer feels the volume should still be the volume of the current dataset which in this case would be SMPB00
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