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CMS-XML STR: StarTool Year 2000 compliance Y2K
If you have any questions, please call the Technical Support hotline at 650-696-6280. Additionally, if you would like to find out how SERENA Software International's products and services can be used to address the Year 2000 conversion process, please call 800-457-3736 or send E-MAIL to info@SERENA.COM .
CMS-XML FDM: Write the results of the OUTPUT command to a data set.
Detail: The USAGE command used in conjunction with OUTPUT sends the results to SYSTSPRT. How can the output be written to a data set?
MS-WORD Installation Instructions for Updated FDM782.COPY.docx
The unloaded file is in ‘TSO transmit’ format. The files will be uploaded to the mainframe using TSO SEND /RECEIVE process. Before issuing the SEND command for the first file, logon to the mainframe and ensure your userid is in native TSO or ISPF option 6.
CMS-XML Hyper Fix: TLOD install library does not contain product members, only $DUMMY
1) save the file to your PC 2) send the file to the mainframe, issuing the following command from your PC command prompt
CMS-XML FDM751: CD Install of FDM version 7.5.1
The files unloaded to the PC are in TSO transmit binary format, thus as a workaround, the following can be done: a) use the pc emulator's (examples: RUMBA, PCOMM, etc.) SEND processes to upload the files from the PC to the mainframe. 3) Where the IP address is requested in the CD unload process, the installer can specify a generic host name.
CMS-XML FDM731: WLIB assembly error in PDS#OPT4 options module (SAMPOPT4 as shipped with product)
1) save the file to your PC 2) send the file to the mainframe, issuing the following command from your PC command prompt
CMS-XML HBDE line gets ARC1605I parse error on LISTC table
CMS-XML Why does Security #RESUSE Restricted Resource Table Processing create RACF type 80 records?
2) Since XV06152 is authorized for NOREST, RACF sends a YES back to PDS#SECI and no SMF80 record is cut. 3)
CMS-XML Option 3.4 LISTV results in S0C4 at ADDRESS=000C1000 OFFSET=0003B6F2 with 4 digit UBC addresses
Replace the 'userid' with your userid and 'userid.dsn' with one of your datasets. Send me the complete job output. //SYSTSIN
CMS-XML Printing a formatted COPYBOOK.
If the user wants to be able to print the mapped copybook directly from the screen, in PEDIT, proceed through the copybook processing menus specifying the data file and the copybook. When the copybook is mapped to the data at panel PDSPN32, the startool OUTPUT command can be specified on the command line to print the number of records wanted or send the mapped copybook to a dataset which can then be printed later.
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