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CMS-XML COPY with DISP=MOD getting s800-004 abend for SEQ and not producing target dataset with correct attributes
1)With SEQ to SEQ copy : PDSM1PCC ----------------- COPY: Copy Source Members -------------------------- OPTION
CMS-XML COPY of multiple members from PDS to Sequential dataset results in incorrect dataset attributes in sequential dataset
Copy of multiple members of a PDS to a Sequential dataset results in incorrect output dataset attributes. PDSM1PCC ----------------- COPY : Copy Source Members ------------- Top of data OPTION ===>
CMS-XML starbat copy results in records padded with binary zeroes x'00'
Starbat's COPYREC is used to copy sequential data from data set with attributes of RECFM=U, LRECL=257, BLKSIZE=257. Beginning in FDM 7.7.0, the records in the file are getting padded with binary zeroes x'00'. Steps To Reproduce //STEP1 EXEC PGM=STARBAT,REGION=5M
Using DUP or XCOPY, when StarTool sees an LRECL=0, it assumes that the output dataset attributes are incomplete and then performs a non-zero merge of LRECL from the input data set to the output data set. StarTool does not look at the DISP (for example, DISP=SHR) specified for the dataset when performing this process.
CMS-XML Forcing FDM to Use It's Internal Copy Routine for PDS to SEQ dataset Copy
If you want FDM to use it’s own internal copy routine and create a sequential dataset with attributes that match the input dataset, then specify ‘Use Record Selection==> YES’. Using the online panels, the specification for record selection follows the allocations for a NEW dataset on panel PDSM1PCC.
CMS-XML Sequential copy from VB to FB results in record truncation of first 8 characters
What is causing the issue is the NUMBER attributes of the input and output data sets. Note. Use ISPF command PROFILE to determine data set of member settings. attributes of => NUMBER is enabled FB lrecl=80 blksize=27920
CMS-XML Records resulting from a copy are being padded with zeros
PDS051I VENDORS was copied; input=20; output=20 PDS054I Totals -- Members=1; Input=20; Characters=2,660 Dataset attributes
CMS-XML PDS857E binder error incorrectly results attempting to copy recfm=u seq file
PDS054I Totals -- Members=1; Input=0; Characters=0 Attributes of Both Data Sets PDS200I DISP UNIT RECFM LRECL BLKSIZE ALLOCTRK FREETRK SECONDARY
CMS-XML S0C4 performing COPY NEW from 3.4 (LISTC) for data sets in master catalog
2) restrict list and issue COPY command ----------------------- List files 0 - ( Attributes ) ----- Row 1 to 2 of 2 COMMAND ===> SCROLL ===> CSR
CMS-XML FDM: How do you copy records from a data set to another that does not exist?
Allocation Options: 1. Allocate using the attributes of: DDELANO.TEST.PDS
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