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CMS-XML FDM782: VMODEL panel PDSMODK2 invalid 'OWNER' field results in dataset not defined
Copy data? ==> NO (YES or NO to copy data from source)
CMS-XML selecting "what's new" results in panel PDS0WH@ error
* Panel definition too large, greater than screen size. ... --3-- make a backup copy of your PANEL(PDS0WH@) ... where dataset has attributes ... --3-- copy the new panel into you production panel library
CMS-XML New Features in StarTool FDM 7.8.1
... DDN must be defined and use the ... ... display leaves many fields unpopulated, but ... ... enables you to define a new data ... ... to use to define the output data ... ... the input data fields to change allocation ... ... not have a COPY option. ... to specify a COPY option after the ... when the COPY panel is displayed ... ... created, the copy is displayed Copy operations are not ... ... sets to be defined and to display their attributes . COPY subcommand Additional Copy Type Operations Have ... The following copy type operations have ... Copy Type Operation Copies one or more ...
CMS-XML COPYREC of empty vsam to flat file gets inserted record if PDS961E VSAM GET error occurs
PDS051I Data set was copied ; input=1; output=1 ... DEFINE CLUSTER ( NAME(DDELXXX.EMPTY.TEST) ... SORT FIELDS = COPY
CMS-XML using secondary index, FDM miscalculates the index length, & other issues
... XDFLD to show fields in SRCH argument ... ... "key" fields to access via ... way that SEQ fields are. ... -- Extended Copy Book Support. ... Extended copybook does not handle COBOL picture clause with COMP-5. -- gets "WORD NOT DEFINED " error. ... ------------------------- Extended Copybook #29 ------- Word not defined ... PDS#309C This word is not defined and copybook can not continue:
CMS-XML Cannot PF3 back from LISTC table after selecting dataset from LISTC display
... power' ( defined in option 0 ... Steps To Reproduce ... --------------- List files 0 - ( Attributes ) --- Row 1 to 20 of 32 ... --------------- List files 0 - ( Attributes ) --- Row 1 to 20 of 32 ... --------------- List files 0 - ( Attributes ) --- Row 1 to 20 of 32
CMS-XML FDM STARBAT COPYREC function creating new dataset with RECFM=U, not RECFM=FB
StarBat COPYREC incorrectly modeling the RECFM=FB from input data set when defining the RECFM of the new dataset if it is not specified. DD01O output dataset is defined with RECFM=U, when it should use the attribute from the DD01 input dataset, RECFM=FB. // COPY
CMS-XML Beginning in FDM 7.8.1, VMODEL command incorrectly has an OPTV parameter
Steps to reproduce the problem ... Profile Retrieve allocation attributes from profile ... KSDS Define a VSAM KSDS ... FB Define a Fixed Blocked
CMS-XML Linear Vsam with CISIZE > 4096 results in error PDS999E ABEND S08B U0000 AT A0605A
Data set Attributes : ... ATTRIBUTES ... BEEN DEFINED WITH ANOTHER CISIZE THAN 4K ... Duplicate of ........ ... to the default cisize for a define cluster of a linear data set.
CMS-XML SMP/E errors install the 'full' and 'fix' version of FDM
where dataset has attributes ... If you wish to delete any old DDDEFs that may have been defined , the following members can be used: ... Copy the members to fdm.JCL library ... to define the fdm.JCL library which is now SMP/E controlled ... to define the new DDDEF names to the smp/e zones
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