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CMS-XML STRALL: StarTool issues PDS731E and reverts to line mode when using the PDS alias
Command ===> Scroll ===> PAGE Command - Enter "/" to select action Message Volume -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
CMS-XML SUB line command treated as global command on all members in ML generated by FIND
Find conditions ==> (WORD, PREFIX or SUFFIX) Display then take action => NO (YES or NO) Maximum members to find ==> (1 to 99999)
CMS-XML FDM: CUA action bar no longer displayed
3) once presented with the selection below, set " CUA mode action bars = YES " as seen below. 4) Then issue the SAVE command on the Option line to save this new value for your session. ---------------------------- Set Combined Defaults ----------------------------
CMS-XML starbat control card conditions not in 'actions taken report'
1) Because of the length of her control statements, FDM does not have room to print it all, thus it only write the first line : For example, the statement below is really one control statement to FDM. The 'actions taken map' will only have the first line written. But, the number to the right of the control statement will reflect processing for the entire statement.
CMS-XML FDM: Setting Cursor Select Default to NO
Detail: A LISTC/LISTF or MEMLIST is displayed, and the cursor is placed on the line command column. When enter is pressed, the OPTION panel is displayed as if the 'O' line cmd was entered. This action seems to be controlled by the Cursor Select option being set to 'YES' on the SETALL panel.
CMS-XML COPYREC STOPIF with PDS stops processing with member matching STOPIF condition
... * SELECT COBOL LINES Actions taken for: ... Actions taken for: ... Actions taken for: ... Actions taken for: ... Actions taken for: ... Actions taken for: ... Actions taken for: ... Actions taken for: MOVE=(75,5,12) ---------1 ---------1 Actions taken for: MOVE=(80,C' ') ---------1 ---------1
CMS-XML FIND with BROWSE, EDIT or VIEW only shows first member
Display then take action => NO (YES or NO) ... Action if found ==> BROWSE (ATTRIB, BROWSE, DIRENTRY, DELETE, ... Action if not found ==> EXCLUDE (same as " Action if found" above) ... Line 00000000 Col 001 08
CMS-XML Option A.10.4 results in Top Secret TSS7220E 101 or RACF ICH408I messages
The line command "O" can be used on the displayed list to provide a prompt panel that will show all valid line commands. ... Display then take action ==> NO (YES or NO)
CMS-XML FDM: FIND with AND via the panels
To find members that have abc and xyz in them but not on the same line , do the following: ... Display then take action => NO (YES or ... Action if found ==> sublist (ATTRIB ... Display then take action => NO ... Action if found ==>
CMS-XML PF3 back from LISTC goes back to termination instead of LISTC display
... YES CUA mode action bars == ... to SORT headers ===> YES 2) LISTC mask that contains dataset allocated by addr space of session like ISPF profile 3) enter WHO line command against allocated dataset 4) PF3 from display 5) pf3 goes to termination prompt instead of LISTC display
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