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MS-WORD Installation Instructions for Updated FDM782.COPY.docx
The unloaded file is in ‘TSO transmit’ format. The files will be uploaded to the mainframe using TSO SEND/RECEIVE process. Before issuing the SEND command for the first file, logon to the mainframe and ensure your userid is in native TSO or ISPF option 6.
CMS-XML FDM751: CD Install of FDM version 7.5.1
The files unloaded to the PC are in TSO transmit binary format, thus as a workaround, the following can be done: a) use the pc emulator's (examples: RUMBA, PCOMM, etc.) SEND processes to upload the files from the PC to the mainframe. 3) Where the IP address is requested in the CD unload process, the installer can specify a generic host name.
CMS-XML New Features in StarTool FDM 7.8
... -Managed EAV Files Now Processed with ... Files on Extended Address ... ... you compare encrypted files without decrypting, ... ... so that they cannot be observed The key file contains exactly 2 ... process the input file . The key file is required for ... ... encrypt the input file . the output file ; model it ... This file should be under ... ... new, empty file for the DECODE ... ... (new empty file ), and ... ... so that they cannot be observed The key file contains exactly 2 ... process the input file . The key file is required for ... ... decrypt the input file .
CMS-XML InstallShield Wizard
... the mainframe product files are unloaded from ... the compressed product files to your local ... and installs the file transfer software ( ... ... to transfer these files to the mainframe where the product files are put back ... ... installation of these files . ... ) The product can't run on the ... only run when uploaded and installed on ... ... "Uninstall" process accessible through the Control Panel "Add/Remove Programs". This 'uninstall' process will delete the mainframe product files that were placed on the PC by the 'installshield process".
CMS-XML Helpful Information Installing FDM using SMP/E
The 1st set of data sets uploaded to the mainframe using the FTP process are all in tso transmit format and are put back in normal format using the RECEIVE.txt job. ... FDM.SMPE -----> files used for target and dlibs ---- relfiles used for smpe are fdm.mainframe
CMS-XML z/OS 2.5 Compatibility with ChangeMan ZMF, ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack, ChangeMan SSM, Comparex, StarTool FDM and StarTool IOO
... . Download the file named 'ZMF ... 2. Unzip the downloaded file . 3. The extracted file will generate a folder named 'ZMF8.2.5.031' that will contain files named 'README.txt' and 'H157001.LOD.BIN'. 4. Transfer 'H157001.LOD.BIN' as a binary file to your mainframe into a LRECL=80/RECFM=FB sequential dataset or member. 5. Issue a TSO RECEIVE on your mainframe against the uploaded dataset or member.
CMS-XML SMP/E errors install the 'full' and 'fix' version of FDM
The attached files are in TSO transmit format. Use the following instructions to upload the appropriate library:
CMS-XML selecting "what's new" results in panel PDS0WH@ error
To upload it --1-- send the file to the mainframe, issuing the following command from
CMS-XML LICDSN jobs gets assembly error 'ASMA416C Unable to open DECK file'
HIGH LEVEL ASSEMBLER - INTERRUPT AND DIAGNOSTIC DUMP HLASM R5.0 ** ASMA935U One or more required files not available ** ASMA935U One or more required files not available
If job is submitted with scheduling software like ESP or CA7 where scheduling software attaches USER= that is not a valid TSO USERID, the job fails with the following error if FILE (OUTDD) is used: PDS300A ENTER OPTION -- DSN=T3PR.DAILY.PDS.LINKLIB,VOL=SER=LIB012 MEM= COPY ABCBCH05 FILE(OUTDD) SHR REPLACE
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