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CMS-XML Support of the LX and ASN changes on the Z9 processors with zOS 1.7 and driver 55
The cases where StarTool FDM might be affected by the LX changes involved in driver 55 are all in z/OS services which use cross-memory services, e.g. CSVQUERY. Serena anticipates that these services have already been tested with the z9-z/OS 1.7 environment by IBM.
CMS-XML Change PEDIT in the panel title in SZFXELOM if in PVIEW mode
- The SELECT option prompts for record selection options reducing the number of pointers in memory. In either case , record reading will be restarted.
CMS-XML CHANGE results in volume and dataset mismatch from previous COPY
3) enter the CHANGE command to specify another dataset on smpb00. The volume in the ‘volume name‘ field is the volser just used in the COPY data set allocation. The customer feels the volume should still be the volume of the current dataset which in this case would be SMPB00
Install fix FDM To access the fix, specify patch P2482 in 'ask a question' from the support web site above the ' case manager' tab section.
CMS-XML HIST command has incorrect COBOL 6.1 compiler options
If changes made to FDM 7.8.0 to account for cobol 6.1, FDM is not reporting the correct compiler options in some cases . For module DATEPGM DATA(31)
CMS-XML Where does FDM get the blksize when processing tape?
Regarding output tape blksizes, it appears that z/os 1.12 can now use BSAM and produce tapes with blksize of around 292K. Because some tools cannot handle blksizes of this size, IBM added the DEVSUP member to PARMLIB to restrict the blksize down to 65K. With the DEVSUP parameter in place, the default blocksize changes from it’s original value of 32K to whatever you put in the DEVSUP (65K in the customer's case ).
CMS-XML IEC212I 414-08,IGG0201B in starbat
Beginning in FDM 7.6.3, when one statement like SKIP opens the default output DD (DD01O in this case ), and a subsequent statement like MULTICOPY also opens the same output DD (DD01O again), the WRITE parameter must be changed to a different DD name. Specify a different WRITE= output data set name from the default used in the SKIP command. See the example below, the WRITE=DD01O was changed to WRITE=DD02O:
CMS-XML New Features in StarTool FDM 7.8
[ CHANGE |GO LIB ... CHANGE ... , perform a CHANGE to that library ... ... select for the CHANGE or ... message when a CHANGE or USAGE subcommand ... ... format in both cases . ... format in both cases . Instructions for changes in PDS# ... ... JCL Library Has Changed ... * 1) CHANGE ALL "HLQ ... ... * 2) CHANGE ALL "PDSE ... ... * 3) CHANGE PTF~~ ... ... * 4) CHANGE "CDNODE" ... ... can now be modified to add new ... Edit the parameter values ... ... and link the modified SZFTRNSL member with ... Changes to the Disassembler The DISASM subcommand and DISASM: Disassemble Load Members panel have been changed
CMS-XML Compare members of a PDS with another PDS
CHANGED - Select members whose content is different from the ... In this particular case , I am using our extended compare option.
CMS-XML ALIAS command against PDSE results in IEW2457E 9208 SYMBOL CEESTART UNRESOLVED
EDIT ------>alias ilboxpr testal Columns 00001 00072 ... In this case , TESTAL was not created ... Code changes will allow alias to be created if minor errors found in the original module. ... EDIT ------>alias ilboxpr testal Columns 00001 00072
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