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The caller is not in a LCIST or REXX environment. Return code = 40. This could be a result of not having the function pool flag set in the ISPTCM table for the command being executed.
CMS-XML PEDIT Record Selection 0 found after PF3 with sporadic s0c4
If not coded, the value is defaulted to 500 tracks. --- Have the user alter the variable SZFLRGFL in the profile variable pool via ISPF 7.3 and set it to 32k-1. This indicates to STARTOOL that full cylinder reads will not be done for files allocated to less than that number of tracks.
CMS-XML FDM: EDIT macro with ISPF Edit
The FIND and CHANGE strings are saved in the ISPF shared pool and they can continue to be used by the EQUAL macro until ISPF is terminated. You can break up your edit work into groups of members to relieve some of the tedium. Also member editing can be selected in groups from the Startool member list using the block edit line command.
CMS-XML version number not displaying using panel PDS@PRIM
Every APPL has it's own set of variables. Using NEWAPPL(ISR), FDM is able to access the ISPF variable pool which contains the version number for FDM under variable PDSVERSN needed by PDS@PRIM. The recommendation is to use NEWAPPL(ISR).

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