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CMS-XML SMP/E errors install the 'full' and 'fix' version of FDM
Because the SMP/E members contained in the FDM761.JCL library were not updated to reflect changes in the SMP/E MCS for both the 'fix' <maintenance only> and 'full' install will get errors similar to the following: Full Product Install
CMS-XML Startool FDM RESTORE cmd failed with error PDS896E in Version (7.7.0 2009.114)
4) Attempt a RESTORE on the dataset; make sure enter a filter in the ‘Find data’ field. Result is: After hang for a long time the error messages below are displayed PDS896E RETAIN record search failed; buffering will be downgraded to MULTIPLE
CMS-XML STR530: Dynamic PLIB Definition Error
Product: Startool version 5.3.0 Detail: After installing StarTool, a 'PDS730E dynamic PLIB definition failed' error occurs when invoking the new release.
CMS-XML FDM730/741: PDS961E VSAM POINT error at RBA=00000000 using pbrowse with PATH
Product: FDM version 7.4.1 Detail: Attempting to access the alternate index via the path results in the following error and an incomplete feedback code. - I am able to access the alternate index and esds directly.
CMS-XML CONTROL LISTENV displays incorrect Z/OS 1.9 level
FDM does not display the correct z/os version under z/os 1.9 PDS280I System serial:5ABFD; CPU type:2096 PDS281I Active CPUs:1 1
CMS-XML LEVEL field on FDM primary menu has WK after the 7.8.2 version
level value on the FDM 7.8.2 primary menu panel PDSMENU has incorrect character values 'WK' after the version. LEVEL - 7.8.2 WK
CMS-XML COPYREC results in PDS961E VSAM PUT error
StarBat job receives VSAM PUT error when copying to a nonempty vsam dataset. The FDM level executed on the each z/os version is the same: fdm 7.7.0 lvl15:
CMS-XML Error using FIXPDS to add directory blocks to RECFM=VB data sets
Install FDM maintenance version 7.5.3 when available.
CMS-XML selecting "what's new" results in panel PDS0WH@ error
PDSMENU ---------- StarTool FDM Version 7.5.3 Primary Options --- Enter option
CMS-XML COPYREC generates incorrect record counts for multivolume data set of 3 volumes or more
Using copyrec to copy a large file to a 3 volume multivolume dataset, results in the number of records in the sysprint disagreeing with the number of records actually written to the dataset. With a 2 volume multivolume dataset, the records in the sysprint did match the output. Version 7.5.1 also experiences this problem.
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