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CMS-XML Questions on XML licensing and CSA
immediately fail or does it continue and try the alternatives? ... continue on to the LICLOAD module and to CSA before failing ? ... following is the search order. If for example, you use the SERLIC DD method, and the license file is located but the information is invalid, the task will fail . ... 2 ) How much CSA is used up when I run LICUPDAT with PARM=LOAD?
CMS-XML 'Search For' option 3.14 displays input dsn instead of output dsn with model
When using option 3.14 ( search for), when using the model=yes, the dataset on the model panel is not the output dataset, but still the input dataset. ... Output data set ==> 'TEST.PDS 2 ' ... Directory blk===> 7 Used directory blk: 2 ... MGMT class ===> STANDEF |Press RCHANGE to save in PROFILE
CMS-XML DB2 questions regarding PDSPLAN1-PDSPLAN2 and DB2 option 7
3. This indicator (active or inactive) is intended for users of the StarTool FDM 'GO' command. To see how this works, try the following steps: a. View a table using option 2.
CMS-XML Starbat PDS Search AND condition. Select members containing STRING1andSTRING2 when STRING1 is on different record
Starbat PDS Search AND condition. Select members containing STRING1andSTRING2 when STRING1 is on different record
CMS-XML FDM: Search a PDS for a list of members containing 2 character strings
We want to be able to search a PDS and list all members which contain the string "LEE" and also the string "RECEIVE". How can this be accomplished using FDM?
CMS-XML Can FDM use p'0' to search for 2 packeddecimal places or does p'0.00' or p'00' need to be specified?
Using PEDIT record selection, p'0' can be specified to search for packed field x'000C'. The only restriction is that a length value cannot be specified in field 'compare operator/Length'.
CMS-XML LISTC GLOBAL Search 'type of dataset to process'=2 then 7 gets pds600E and PDS842E
3) specify find string and value other than dump,ldump for ‘format for listing’ PDSLCFIQ ------------------ Global FIND: Search Data -------------------------- OPTION ===>
CMS-XML Does FDM support JES2 1.6 in Z2 mode? Is FDM and z/os 1.6 compatible?
Product: StarTool FDM Question : Does FDM support JES 2 1.6 in Z 2 mode? Is FDM and z/os 1.6 compatible?
CMS-XML Packed decimal values in copybook VERTICAL mode displaying as a question mark (?)
COLUMN DATA ....1....+.... 2 ....+....3....+ 01 DCLMABV7500
CMS-XML FDM Differences in READ, UPDATE, ALTER authority in the RACF profile key
My question was what other subcommand parameters (for example STARTOOL.FIXANYD) operates different on READ and UPDATE access in the general resource profile except STARTOOL.FIXALLOC.
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