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Article Support Platform Matrix for Serena Products
The Supported Platform Matrix outlines the supported client-side and server-side information, including supported operating systems, browser, third party plugins, Serena product integrations, character sets, and upgrade paths.
CMS-XML HISTORY PDS060I Translator language location changed to support IBM's Automatic Binary Optimizer (ABO)
To support IBM' Automatic Binary Optimizer (ABO), the HISTORY command translator language location was moved in the PDS060I message. ... PDS063I ChangeMan package SFDM000001 date 2014/01/24 time 07:53 Module C PDS064I Last link-edited on 2014/01/24 07:53 by 5695PMB01-BINDERz/ OS V01
CMS-XML z/OS 2.5 Compatibility with ChangeMan ZMF, ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack, ChangeMan SSM, Comparex, StarTool FDM and StarTool IOO
ChangeMan ZMF Client Pack 8.2 Patch 5 ChangeMan
CMS-XML STR610: Entering zero in packed or binary fields
STR610: Entering zero in packed or binary fields
CMS-XML STR: Record selection and packed or binary fields
The field I am trying to select on is defined as binary . Doesn't Startool convert my specification to binary and then do the selection?
CMS-XML Support for IBM Enterprise COBOL for z/OS 4.1
Install the FDM 7.6.3 followed by an install of FDM 7.6.3 package 38 fix. Refer to patch P2423 for the FDM 7.6.3 package 38 fix.
CMS-XML FDM: Entering a packed value for a field in DB2
6. A halfword binary string preceeded by a "h". (h'6287')
CMS-XML CONTROL LISTENV displays incorrect Z/OS 1.9 level
FDM 7.6.3 must be installed before applying the FDM 7.6.3 pacakge 38 fix. Refer to patch P2423 for the FDM 7.6.3 package 38 fix.
CMS-XML S80A with ISPF multiple split screen sessions
Users at the customer site are using the SPLIT NEW command to generate multiple split screen sessions. Using fdm 7.7.0 pkg 7 on z/ os 1.10, the s80a abend occurred at the 5th fdm split screen session. Notes: SWAP NEXT allows scrolling through the sessions with SWAP LIST showing all the sessions and allow specific selection.
CMS-XML Change command with picture string p'====' not working using PEDIT
Under PEDIT, the following command does not process with the z/ os 1.8 beta maintenance pkg applied. The command processes correctly with the base FDM 7.6.1.
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