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CMS-XML SMP/E errors install the 'full' and 'fix' version of FDM
Because the SMP/E members contained in the FDM761.JCL library were not updated to reflect changes in the SMP/E MCS for both the 'fix' <maintenance only> and 'full' install will get errors similar to the following: ... GIM40101E ** APPLY PROCESSING FAILED FOR SYSMOD PDSE760 EVEN THOUGH IT WAS SPECIFIED ON THE SELECT OPERAND. ... NOT IN THE GLOBAL ZONE.
CMS-XML FIXPDS RESET gets S430-0003 on nonsms data set
Explanation: The error occurred during processing of a DEQ macro instruction during the processing of global resource serialization. ... instruction was incorrect . Register 15 might contain a reason code associated with this error : xxxx0003 The storage specified by the input UCB address does not map to a ... IKJ56641I STARTOOL ENDED DUE TO ERROR +
CMS-XML LISTV processing using option 3.4 gets INVALID DSN1 NAME error
1) for listv processing, go to option 3.4 and specify v and volume mask PDSM034 ------------- DATA SET LIST (LISTC/LISTF) UTILITY --------------------- OPTION ===> v
CMS-XML Panel SZFXELOM get error 'command contains invalid keyword' if parameters exist
Audit selection prompt ==> NO (YES or NO) Notes: If a member group is specified , a member list will be built. Enter a PE line command on a member to edit and add LOAD, NOLOAD,
CMS-XML HISTORY Panels produce syntax and validation errors for certain COBOL TRUNC parameters
2) HIST cobol option TRUNCSTD results in ‘invalid value’ Specifying NOTRUNCSTD results in ‘ invalid option’ However, can issue the command directly and FDM will process successfully.
CMS-XML FDM: How to Specify Packed Data in StarBat
Inclusion of the sign bit letter (the C) causes the error . Change the packed data specification to
CMS-XML LIST OFFSET displays data at incorrect offset
data is not being displayed at specified offset after FDM 7.7.0 lvl 7 Version 7.7.0 – pkg13 and pkg15 EDIT ------>l comparez offset(60) maxout(10) Columns 00001 00072
CMS-XML GLOBAL COMBINE member name list not generating correct results
With FDM 7.8.0, it is not correctly creating the list of members unless the member group is specified as BPX*. With the members presented in a list, FDM 7.8.0 is not producing the list of members correctly. Releases prior to FDM 7.8.0 did read the member list.
CMS-XML FTP download gets error 502 Command "pasv" not implemented
The PASV option is being specified when downloading from the FTP. Our IT department states that support site does not support this option, thus, it will need to be removed.
CMS-XML Incorrect IMS panel shown after PF3 in DB2 option
2) select option 9 – DLIDOPT 3) specify the necessary options until get to PCB screen ******************************* Bottom of data ********************************
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